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Yep, here we go again lads.
Since O:CaD went surprisingly well, I thought to myself:
"Hey, let's use this experience i gained and make another mod in the same universe?"
Anyway, this one's going to be ranging from 8-10 Missions and will use a couple new ideas and experiments I've discovered over the course of development of O:CaD.
This one has a higher focus on plot, characters and the relationship between fighters, CAS and bombers.
Oh, and most of it will take place on planetary surface this time.

Anyway, here's the basic gist of the story:

The Story

It is a time of great political tension. The United Star Front and the Glisean Steel Pact are at the brink of war. The possibility of a second Interstellar Conflict is higher than ever before.
Enter Glacia, a very remote ice planet in the Hydra System. It's desolate, hostile and beset with frequent violent blizzards. But it also contains Colossite, a highly durable crystalline compound that is very crucial in the process of manufacturing ship hulls. The planet is inhabited by dozens of mining colonies and a few airfields, owned by the Solarian Air Defense Force (SADF).

Glacia Orbital Command Station Foxtrot suddenly loses contact. Glisean dropships, fighters and bombers enter the atmosphere, with the intent of capturing the planet. Falcon and Vulture Wings, of the 3rd Birds of Prey Aerospace Division, must hold off the Glisean Army and re-establish contact with the Solarian main fleet before Glacia falls to the enemy. <will reveal a bit more as development goes on>

What to expect in this mod

* An expansion on the lore previously laid out by OCaD.
* More New ships!
* Actual characters this time
* (possible) New Head.ANIs
Progress Report

Y'all know the drill by now, here I will update what's done, what isn't, yadda yadda yadda.

Missions: 14% [2/14]
Music: 100%
Sounds: 100%
Ships: 51%
(Possible) New HUD: 0%
New Interface: 25%
Skyboxes: 25% [1/4]
Weapons: 35%

Predicted Release Date: None

do you have a lodt freetime


--- Quote from: woutersmits on February 13, 2019, 11:17:37 am ---do you have a lodt freetime

--- End quote ---

I've got like a week of holidays, so, kinda.

Will play when it's done. :)


Showing off some finished assets. Skyboxes were a bit of a pain to make but creating ground environments is really really fun, even if it results in weird shading from time to time.


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