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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I present to you a project of mine.

Final Generation.

FG is more of a development name until a more suitable campaign name can be drafted, but until then, here you go:

It is the year 2380, thirteen years after the Second Shivan Incursion, the GTVA is now dealing with a new security crisis the likes of which it has yet encountered.

Nearly two years ago, the nomarchs of Deneb and Alpha Centauri had declared independence from the GTVA and begun a violent revolution across the core systems. With Sirius and Vasuda under their control and Vega, Regulus, and Aldebaran under siege, the New Dynasty seeks to establish a hegemonic Vasudan state. Under the Sepat Reshef the IV, the New Dynasty is made up of Vasudans who share Anti-Terran resentment or resistance to Terran cultural blending. These Vasudans reject Khonsu’s government, deeming it compromised by Terran influence.

Meanwhile, the Terrans are dealing with their own insurgency in the former NTF systems: The Terran Liberation Front, founded by a man named Jacob Hagen, harasses GTVA convoys and hinders their war effort against the New Dynasty. The TLF seeks to re-establish the NTF state, using the New Dynasty revolution to fuel the flames of Anti-Vasudan sentiment in the former NTF systems.

What to Expect

New Story
Amount of Missions Planned: 24
Amount in Initial Release: 10
New Ships
New Weapons

Release Date: Whenever I say so

Mission 1: Done
Mission 2: Done
Mission 3: Done
Mission 4: Done
Mission 5: Polishing
Mission 6: Not Done
Mission 7: In Progress
Mission 8: In Progress
Mission 9: Not Done
Mission 10: Not Done


Q: Why are you releasing 10 missions initially?
A: Two reasons. One, I want to see the community's opinion on the mod's direction, story, and gameplay. The last time I released a project close to this size (in this case, bigger) was Dusk Wars, and that was less than receptive. Two, in event I never finish this, I don't want it sitting on my hard-drive until the HDD's inevitable failure. I want to at least give the community something in case real life takes over my time.

Q: How do I get it?
A: When released, it will be available on Knossos.

Q: Why no release date?
A: Because I don't get paid to make this. I get paid to sell houses.

Q: Can I help?
A: Sure, if you wish to help feel free to message me on the forums or on Discord (same name, just mention me in the discord or message me directly).

Credits Thus Far

Asteroth - Laying the groundwork for Mission 7 and Mission 8, Weapon Balancing, General Advice
Unfortunate Pilot Dude and Family - Storywriting Advice, General Advice, Grammar Nazi
Mito[PL] - Testing and General Advice
Nyctaeus - Assets and General Advice


Sounds nice, good luck with that! :)

I approve this message. FREDing is cool.

I think I know what I can expect from this, and... I do expect exactly this :yes: . Make it happen!

UpdateFloor 1: Sidearms, Missiles, Nationalist Vasudans
An update on my progress thus far:

Mission 1: Done
Mission 2: Done
Mission 3: Done
Mission 4: Done
Mission 5: Done
Mission 6: Polishing
Mission 7: In Progress
Mission 8: In Progress
Mission 9: Not Done
Mission 10: Not Done

Mission 5 is, in essence, done, and Mission 6 is being touched up. I've begun focusing my efforts on Mission 7, which I can assure you will house many explosions. With each update I will be sharing with you some of the tools of the trade in "Final Generation" as well as background lore on various characters and factions. Today's update is brought to you by Triton Dynamics, when six forward cannons aren't enough, slap on two more.

Tool Highlight: UD-5 Tyr

The UD-5 Tyr is your bread and butter. It's not very unique, design wise, in essence it's a Kayser that I threw cycle onto and made it slightly weaker in terms of DPS. I envisioned the GTVA taking the whole "zero point death machine" a step further and making it a main gun for their fighters and bombers to use. Much like the Balor from Blue Planet, it's very good at shooting down bombs and filling unsuspecting AI victims full of holes.

It'll be one of the first weapons the player uses in the campaign, and it can be used on every Terran and Vasudan fighter and bomber you can think of.

Lore Highlight: New Dynasty

Now for something slightly more antagonizing; The New Dynasty. They're one of the antagonists you battle with in the campaign (the other being the Terran Liberation Front but them at another time). Founded by two disgruntled Vasudan nomarchs who have way too much time on their hands and far too much military power; Reshef the IV of Deneb and Niut of Alpha Centauri, these quasi-royals decided enough was enough and declared their systems independent from the greater Vasudan Imperium. With aid from radical elements of the Vasudan military, who view that cooperation with the Terrans will only further Vasudan suffering, they expelled loyal members of the Vasudan Imperium and rounded up Terran civilians in their systems, throwing them into isolated off world facilities.

The New Dynasty rejects Emperor Khonsu the II's leadership, believing that the Vasudan's covenant with the Terrans has corrupted Khonsu the II. In the nearly two years of civil war the New Dynasty had managed to wrestle control over Vasuda from the Imperium and occupy Sirius. Giving the New Dynasty a firm, entrenched position.


Before I go, have some screenshots:

GTCv Seoul engaged with the NVCv Triangulum.

Knife fight between a Sobek and Deimos.

I firmly believe that Media VP 4 broke my mod. Have 100 Trebuchets.

Proof I'm not insane.


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