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actually i have some questions about the Translation features that were implemented by m!m during the resolve of #1522 on github at the end of 2017.
All these features are still undocumented how they actually work.

So if you do not mind, i have some questions :).

About subtitles in the video player
What format is needed for the subtitles in the video player? .srt? .sub? Any other format i am not even know about? (Never created subtitles before).
How i can control the Position of the text?
If SRT is used i only know, that i can use the $Movie subtitle font: in game_settings.tbl to set the right font... but what is about size and color of this subtitle?
I am even asking how to handle if i have two subtitles at the same time... which both of them have to be at different spots and colors. A case for this is for example that next to the spoken a text display appears that i want to translate also?
The only knowledge i have is that i have to set a language of a subtitle and that eng, ger and spa is supported so far.

Translation of string variables
I am not sure, WHERE i actually have to set any XSTR in a .fs2 file so that i can translate it properly.
If i have to set the XSTR right at the beginning of the file in the $variables tab? (All following examples are from BtA files and missions)
For example:
Code: [Select]
10 "Bpre" XSTR("Targets in Blast Range: ", -1) "string"?
or do i have to change that in the event directly?
For example in a string-equals-SEXP?
Code: [Select]
( string-equals
         "@ammoSetting[430mm Fusion Mortar]"
         XSTR("430mm Suppression", -1)
Actually this seems unlikely to work, but this string is not available in the $variables section of the mission... i can change and so translate it only in these SEXPs...?
What is about the hud-set-text SEXP in general... is this one also supporting XSTRs now?

Translation of string scripts
Actually i think, that the .cfg files in /config got XSTR support with that?
Something like
Code: [Select]
@Name: XSTR("Headlines", -1) in a config file is now supported?
And what is about XSTR support in the Text values of hud_gauges? Are these also supported now? The last time i test that (end of 2016 i have to admit), the whole XSTR was showed also in the HUD in the end.

I hope you can get me some answers, so that i can improve my translation efforts :).
And yes, i already have the new version of tstrings for all that.


Gaming Discussion / Re: Two Free Battlefield 1 codes NL/BE
« Last post by Nightmare on February 17, 2018, 01:57:16 pm »
WoD is better than BF, so no need here...
Blue Planet / Re: No new tech entries for War In Heaven?
« Last post by emark4 on February 17, 2018, 01:42:11 pm »
But is it the active MOD?
Blue planet is my currently active mod.
Blue Planet / Re: No new tech entries for War In Heaven?
« Last post by emark4 on February 17, 2018, 01:40:53 pm »
Hmm, are you sure your BP install is up to sate? Where’d you get it from?
Its been a while but I believe i got it from the Freespace open installer. But this was around september of 2016. Im not sure if my BP complete is up to date or not.
Blue Planet / Re: No new tech entries for War In Heaven?
« Last post by emark4 on February 17, 2018, 01:36:27 pm »
Do you have Age of Aquarius or War in Heaven selected as your active campaign? I don't think the normal/FSBlue mainhall has a database option. (Also Ctrl-Shift-S usually unlocks everything for viewing--Be warned, there lurk spoilers).

Cntl-shift -s only unlocks the ships seen in the tech room. It has no effect on the database section of war in heaven on my end.
Gaming Discussion / Re: Two Free Battlefield 1 codes NL/BE
« Last post by Novachen on February 17, 2018, 12:17:10 pm »

I took that one, because that means another game i can play together with my husband.

Thank you very much Spoon. *kiss*
Gaming Discussion / Re: Two Free Battlefield 1 codes NL/BE
« Last post by -Joshua- on February 17, 2018, 11:46:38 am »
I have BF1 and I think it's pretty good, even if it's kinda taking the piss out of WW1.

I mean, okay, most of the western front maps are about the final months of the war (when all the breaktroughs happened and more people died in a few months then the years prior), and a lot of the maps aren't on the western front at all, but that hardly justifies the rather high amount of self-loading weapons or the presence of BATTLEFIELD ZEPPELINS. Still, I do think it's the best game they made since BC2, and I kinda hope that they continue the style they've gone for here and go for a full-on dieselpunk sequel rather then skirting around the edges... I mean, they already cover some of the Russian revolution :P

Gaming Discussion / Re: World of Warships - Now Available
« Last post by General Battuta on February 17, 2018, 11:23:22 am »
Nnggg Tim oner
Gaming Discussion / Two Free Battlefield 1 codes NL/BE
« Last post by Spoon on February 17, 2018, 11:03:55 am »
I recently replaced my nearly decade old screens with three fancy 144hz samsung monitors. It's pretty great. Thing is, each of these screens came with a code for BF1 plus DLC. I'm personally not interested in the game, because it requires the installation of origin. And to me, it seems the game kind of takes the piss on WW1. (Everyone running around with submachine guns, barely any trenches, invincible fully armored mountain troops???) I gave away one of these codes to a friend, but im still left with two. Supposedly these codes are region locked to just the netherlands and belgium, I dont know how hard that lock is to avoid with a vpn or what not.

Anyway, first come, first serve.
No idea if there is an expiration date on these codes or not, the action of 'buy screen, get code' runs until Feb 28 2018, thought it makes no specific mention about the code's expiration.

If you are just a random stranger from the internet and you came across this by chance, Hi, play my game, Wings of Dawn. And enjoy your free BF1. 
FS2 Open Coding - The Source Code Project (SCP) / Re: The new lab
« Last post by The E on February 17, 2018, 11:01:24 am »
Excited for the new Lab!

I am bummed that we lost easy access to lods/debris/tech models (for now). I used to click through those, forcing the engine to load each one to check for errors. However this method of viewing lods will be super helpful if there's a distance measurement on the screen.

I shall add a distance printout soon.
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