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Yeah, I know, hitting important single targets nearly everywhere in the owrld with a remotely controlled drone is already a common tactic in the (US) military, but... What if there were authonomical tiny drones able to eliminate just any living target that has been designated by whoever-is-in-charge?

These final words are suggesting that AIs are the danger; nothing more wrong there. We all know who is the real threat in such a case.
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Is image recognition reliable enough to make this kind of weapon practical? I imagine the CIA will have to test such a weapon on their preferred proving grounds of Afghan weddings.

If Skynet really did try to take over this would be a hugely inefficient way of going about it, it'd be far easier and simpler to just saturate the whole planet with bio weapons or lethal chemicals.


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if it isn't now it will be soon.

And do keep in mind your correct usage of the qualifier 'enough'.
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