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The Sequel, Take 2

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Unknown Target:
I'm not garaunteeing that this will be finished. Hell, it probably won't. But due to recent boredom, and the absent of some non-spam threads, here we go (This is everything from the last thread, as well as some new stuff):

Fade from black. We open to an external view of the HLP forum station. A large hole, with numerous beams and spars sticking out every which way, can be seen. Begin to play solemn music and credits. Cut to a close-up side view of the hole. Begin to slide to the right. Wreckage and debree can be seen floating past the camera. A few dead bodies silently bounce off of some loose beams. Continue to move to the right.

Shrike: (Voice-Over) When wEvil came, we were unprepared. (Pauses, as more debris drifts past.) We mounted a defence as fast as we could, but it was too late. His hordes quickly overran our outer defenses. If it had not been for the heros that rose out of the ashes...

We cut from the space scene, and show some drawn (ish) flash-backs of Setekh and Thunder battling wEvil, Carl bashing some heads, and, finally, daveb, as he stopped the Interplay fleet, but also killed himself. Cut back to the space scene. Now we are looking directly into the hole, and are zooming inwards.

Shrike: (Voice-Over) All would have surely been lost...

We are now inside the hole, and are going ever closer to the center of it. End credits, but play music still. We can hear voices.

Voice 1: (As if through Radio) Roger that...Ok, move it over here some more!

Voice 2: (Through Radio) Roger...repositioning now.

Continue to zoom in. Now we see some lights, and, as we zoom in closer, shapes appear. The lights are coming from a construction robot and two men in spacesuits. One man is piloting the robot, which is simply an exo-skeleton. The lights are mounted on their shoulders, a la Aliens. The exo is moving a large spar into place, and the other man (Voice 1) is moving his arms around like a construction worker. Cut to a behing-the-back view of the man.

Voice 1: (Radio) That's it, that's it. Keep it going now....Goooood, lock in place.

The exo begins some maneuvers at the base of the beam. A welding torch flares into being. Sparks begin to fly from the base. Fade out to black.

Shrike: (Voice-Over, screen is still black) Reconstruction efforts have begun, but it will take a long time before the destroyed forum is rebuilt.

Fade from black. We can here someone yelling. Blue sparks are flying everywhere. It is obvious we are in the middle of a giant construction effort.

Shrike: (Voice-Over) That is, unless Kazan has his way.

It turns out that the person that was yelling was really Kazan. He's smacking a couple of papers in his hand with the back of his other hand, and yelling out orders to a person in front of them, and trying to get his voice out over all of the loud noises.

Kazan: (Yelling) Look! Right here it says that spar B goes into slot B! Not the other way around! No, no, no! Don't use a C-Spar, use an S-Spar.

The person in front of him launches a protest. It's daimondgeezer.

DG: (Heavy Scottish accent)  I'm sorry, but I can't deeeeeeeeew it cap'n! It simply wouldn't hold!

Kazan: Of course it'll hold! It'll hold if I tell you it'll hold!

DG: But sir!

Kazan: No buts! I want this thing FINISHED!

DG: Aye, sir!

As daimondgeezer wheels around and starts to yell out orders, we fade to:
Another loud roar goes up. Beer is flying in the air.

Shrike: Also, I have been talking to the other staff members, and we have come to an agreement. A new military force will be established for peacekeeping services. The Hard Light Productions Defense Force!

An even louder cheer goes up this time.  Mugs are flying into the air. We see that one person's hits Carl on the head. He looks towards the offender, as he begins to back away from him. Carl lunges just as he is about to run, and takes him to the floor, under the crowd. As clothing starts to fly upwards,
a la Jurrasic Park. We fade to black before anything more meaty can be sent into low orbit.

INT. Forum Control Room. Day.

Fade from black. The familiar bleeps and bloops can be heard in the background, and a bluish hue lights up the room. Staffers, many of which are new, are typing away at their respective consoles. Suddenly, the door slides open, Bablyon 5 style, and in steps Shrike. He looks to his right, and we cut to a view just above and behind his head. His actual
head is out of focus, but we can see a rusted desk, and a cobwebbed plaque.

Plaque: Thunder.

Shrike sighs, and walks on. He situates himself behind a figure at the desk. The figure turns around, and it turns out to be Windrunner.

Wind: What is it, sir? How'd they like the idea?

Shrike: What? Oh, yes. They enjoyed it. Carl devoured a newbie, but that was the only negative thing that happened. Even that's not too much of a loss.

Wind: Then what's buggin ya?

Shrike: I don't know. It's just. It's just. Well, I'm worried about who's going to lead the military force. I'm afraid, well, you know. Fidel Castro in space.

Wind: (Chuckles) Don't worry, we'll get someone.

As he's talking, we fade to:

EXT. Space. Day.

We open to see a drifting, damaged spaceship floating through space. We cut to the interior of a space ship. All we can see is a radar screen. (ED's note: Recognize this?;)) Suddenly, a blip pops up on it. We can hear some shuffling of feet on the floor. Voices can be heard.

Voice 1: (Cranky and tired) What's that noise?!

Voice 2: (Awake) Something on the radar screen. Don't know what it is, but it sure oughta fetch a hefty price from the size of it!

Voice 1: Well then steer towards it! I'll get ready to head out in the exo as soon as we get close enough.

Voice 2: Ok....

We hear more shuffling, and  zoom in on the radar screen. As we are zooming, we fade out to an external of the salvager's ship (Voices 1+2). Retro rockets flare into being, as the ship slows down near the smaller, beat-up spaceship. The rear hatch of the main starship opens, and a small figure emerges, clad in an exo suit, and teathered to something inside. He latches onto the smaller craft, and tows it inside.
We cut to an interior of the ship. The giant door seals shut. The figure unbuckles himself from his exo (skeleton), and heads to the now-docked ship. He walks up to what appears to be a hatch. He tugs on it, but it seems to be stuck. Tugging harder, it comes open, creaking earily with decay. He begins to walk inside. We cut to the far wall, and can see his shadow cast onto it as it enters the craft. Suddenly, it reels back in surprise. We can hear a horrible, alien-like cry, then a more familiar human scream of pain. Blood splatters against our wall. A shadow creaps out of the door.

Voice 2: (Out of View) What was that? Tom? You Ok? Oh my God...stay..stay back! Stay baaaa----!!!!

His voice is cut off by a blood-curdling scream that echoes across the ship, and we fade to black.

INT. General Discussions. Day.

We open up to see a long line in front of a small booth. Above the stand is a sign that reads:

Sign: HLP Military- Recruiting

We cut to the back of the line, and pan across it. All the regulars from the original movie are there. Near the back of the line, Gortef and an0n are dressed out in black outfits, practicing their karate.

Gortef: (Mouth is out-of-synch) Sooooo…you dare to challenge me?

His mouth keeps moving for about ten seconds after he is finished talking.

an0n: (Also out of synch) If you want to fight….Fight me!

After an0n’s mouth quits jiggling, they begin to have at it. We ignore them and pan farther down the line, until we finally come to the booth at the head of it. A beautiful babe is taking requests to join the newly-formed army. We cut to another section of the room, where numerous forum members are hanging out and drinking beer on some large, red couches. Among the group are Knight Templar and Ten of Twelve Knight is clearly quite drunk.

Knight: Weeeeelllllll, ah’ll tell ya! Dese re-crutin’ folks are (hiccups) tryin’ to take o’er the forum! I faght in the first ferum war, and it was a (hiccups again)…a…a much mer t-erustworthy type!

Ten: I think you’ve had quite enough to drink, Knight. Why don’t we just a’ mosy on over to the bathroom….

Knight: Oh-ho! Yu’re wit dem, aint ya?! Well, ahm onto ya! You won’t—

His tirade against Ten is suddenly cut short by a sudden convulsion of spasms. His head rears upward, and then down again in a torrent of puke. We cut to a behind-the-sholder view of Ten. He turns around towards us.

Ten: Hey…hey! Cleanup on ail floor! Carl! Hey! Carl, we need a cleanup crew over here!

A side panel opens, and we rotate the camera over to the sound. Out steps Carl in full made costume, complete with an apron dangling around his neck. He walks up to the mess, gives Knight a look that would floor death itself, and extends his laser arm. Taking careful aim, he zaps the spot on the floor, completely vaporizing the puke. He then pulls out some disinfectant spray, and daintily finishes the job.

Ten: Thanks, man. It was starting to smell really nasty.

Carl gives him another one of his looks, and as he’s walking away, fires off another bolt of his laser at him, hitting and vaporizing the seat right next to him.

Ten: YEEOOOOOWWW!!! Hey! Watch it!

We hear what seams to be a chuckle come from Carl, and we fade to:

INT. Source Code Project. Day.

We open to a familiar blue glow, with the usual clicks and beeps. All the lights are turned off, and even the centerpiece pillar is dimmed. Suddenly, something drops with a hallow metallic clunk. We snap over to it, and see a vauge figure flitting through the darkness. We follow him with the camera. He's shuffling through papers and documents, until he finds a tiny vial hidden in a filing cabinent. He takes out the vial and uncorks it, drinking it's contents. Just as the figure is about half done, we hear a door open, and  the light snaps on. We cut to the vial as the figure shouts with surprise and tosses it into the air. We follow the vial up as it hits the apex of it's trajectory. Yelling and scuffling can be heard in the background. Something hard and heavy hits the wall. The vial hits the floor and smashes. A loud growl can be heard, and a resounding chomp, followed by a loud shout of pain. The growler is thrown against the wall, slumping, his face turning over to one side so that we can't see it. We cut to an over-the sholder view of the first figure. Dangling from his side is an un-ignited HLP Hammer Of Justice. He slowly walks up to the figure, and nudges his head over with the tip of his shoe. The figure (who was drinking from the vial) is venom2506. The other figure speaks to venom.

Figure 2: Ahhh, yes, venom. I should have known

From the sound of his voice, we recognize him as Kazan. Venom groans aloud.

Kazan: Sorry, I didn't mean to hit you so hard. I told you to tell me when you tried to...hey, what's this?

[/i]He notices the broken vial. Stooping down, he rubs the tip of his finger in some of the spilled liqued. Sniffing it, he sighs.[/i]

Kazan: Veeeeenom! I coulda sworn that I told you not to drink this stuff! Damnit! Do you know what this does?

Venom: (Now slightly recovered) Of course. It gives me the ability to heal myself of major wounds. I've been drinkin' it for years, under your nose. Hehe. (He makes a face) Tastes like ****, though.

Kazan: (Sniffs it again) Shouldn't with all the alchohol you put in here. You know, there's a reason I hid it.

venom is now fully recovered, and he stands up. Swaying a bit, he makes a puppy-dog face.

Venom: Reeeallly?

Kazan: (Rolls eyes) Dumb, idiotic, argh! Let's get you to the infirmiray, before I have to kick you again.

Venom painfully puts a hand to his side and winces.

venom: I'm all for it, let's go.

We fade to a point about 10 minutes later. venom and Kazan are walking down a corridor on their way to the hospital. Suddenly, three nurses and a man on a stretcher whizz past them, followed by two men in dented combat armor. Kazan reaches out and grabs one of them by the arm. On the soldiers vest is "Recruit. HLP military. Section 404." The n00b has a wild look in his eyes and is about to resist being held until he sees who is holding them. He stops and regains his composure.

Kazan: What happened, soldier?

N00b: Sir, it was God,

Kazan: (Louder) What happened!

N00b: (shakes head to clear it) I...I'm sorry sir. It's an0n sir, he...he seems to have gone mad. As soon as he saw one of our newly polished big guns, he went insane. He...he grabbed it from the soldier, and started shooting in all directions.  Oh God!

The newbie's eyes roll back up, and he slumps to the floor.

Kazan: Nurse....Nurse!

As paramedics rush over to tend to the wounded soldier, Kazan turns to venom.

Kazan: It looks like it's up to us.
Venom nods, and we fade to:
INT. Forum Military Training Room. Day.

We fade from the previous scene to open into a scene of utter and complete chaos. Bullet holes are in every concivable place, and then some. Multiple holes are blown into every wall. Smoke is rising amid dead bodies. And in the middle, is an0n sitting on the ground, a very, VERY large gun sitting next to him. He's busy occupying himself with reloading it, when we hear a slam. We snap the camera around to an open door, swinging back and forth. We cut to a close-up of an0n's eyes. They narrow to slits, he lunges for his weapon, and manages to slam a magazine into it, when suddenly venom and Kazan burst through the door, pistols blazing. We cut to Matrix-time as the bullets start flying. venom doubles over and jumps with a sideways flip to dodge a rocket. Kazan twists around, pistols out forward, and we see a bullet impact one of them, sending them flying. Wheeling around, he fires off three rounds at an0n, who skillfully dodges them by vaulting upwards and doing a backflip over them. When he hits the ground, we cut to normal time as both venom and Kazan leap for cover as a large rocket whizzes past them. an0n can be heard shouting, all the while firing rockets off in every which way.

an0n: My Precious! You, you'll never get my precious! My nice, shiny precious! Mine! All mine! HAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!

We cut to Kazan and venom, hiding behind a large crate. Kazan yells something at venom. venom nods, and they both leap from the crate in opposite directions, just as a rocket sends it sky high. Bullets are pinging off all of the walls and richocheting all over the place. Kazan dodges a close one, and dives for the deck, firing off his last remaining pistol. Bits of the ground are flying into the air all  around himSuddenly, a rocket is fired straight at him. We cut to slow mo. Cut to Kazan's eyes go wide. Cut to the rocket. Cut to the pistol. Cut to Kazan's eyes. They narrow. Cut to the pistol again, as it is lifted and thrown at the warhead. It hits and detonates it, just a little ways away from Kazan. We cut to a back view of Kazan, framed in a silghoette against the bright orange glare. We cut to normal time as he is flown backwards from the shockwave. Cut to venom, as bullets are pinging all around him. His Magnum has been knocked from his hand. He kneels over and draws a throwing knife from a pocket on his pant leg. Aiming it carefully, he throws it at an0n. We follow the knife with the camera as it impacts the gun, just as an0n's about to fire a rocket. the rocket hits the knife, and gets stuck in the launch tube. A "warm-up" hum can be heard eminating from the gun. an0n looks down in surprise, and throws the gun away, just as it detonates in a colossal explosion. He gets knocked backwards up against a wall, head down and face hidden in the shadows. venom approaches him. Cut to a front view of an0n, which is really the top of his head since he's slouching.


He lunges at venom, who ducks the punch and trys to deliver a kick to an0n's head. The kick gets blocked by his arm, and he lets out several punches. venom skillfully dodges them by dodging from left to right. We cut to a close-up over-the-sholder view of venom as an0n lets loose furious punches at his head. Venom dodges them by moving his head side to side, but suddenly a fist comes out of the left of the screen, hitting an0n in the side of the head. We cut to a temporary slow-mo as the fist impacts, but cut to normal speed as it rolls off his head. an0n slumps to the floor, butt high in the air, face on the ground. We cut to a worms-eye-view in front of his face. venom and Kazan step up behind him.

venom: (Scratches back of head) Sooooo....uh, thanks, I guess.

Kazan: Yea. I think we should take him to the hospital, just for a quick checkup, what about you?

an0n: (Moans half-unconsciously) Myyyyy preeeccciooouuuusss...

venom: Yea, most definately.

As they get down and begin to hoist an0n up, we fade to black.

INT. General Discussions. Day
Fade from black. What we first see is a scene of relative complacency, however, as we pan around the room, we see two large double-doors, banging.

They're close, but it's obvious something behind them is trying to get out. Suddenly, they burst open, sending shards of metal flying. Board members run and

duck for cover, as a large, human-shaped object flys through the air and leaves a large hole in the wall. It slumps to the ground. We cut to a front view of the

figure. It's vadar_1. He wipes a hand across his face to get some blood off.

vadar_1: Why you ****ing sons of *****es!

He leaps from his position and flys into the room, fists flailing. Screams can be heard from the inside, and numerous n00bs are sent flying outwards. We cut to:

INT. Forum Control Room. Day.

We are immediatley following an anonomous figure at a very high rate through a small crowd of people. As he stops in front of a desk, we cut to the name plaque on it.

Plaque: Shrike- HLP Admin.

All we can see are Shrike's feet resting on top of the desk, and a small part of his figure, holding a coffee mug, with the Volition logo on it. To our

right is the lower torso of our figure. When they are talking, we can't see anything but this.

Figure: Sir!

Shrike: (Stirs) Yes, what is it?

The figure hands Shrike a portfolio. After a couple seconds of reading, Shrike sits straight up.

Shrike: Is this for real?

Figure: Yes, sir. It has been confirmed by multiple sources.

Shrike: (Sighs) Very well....we can't risk this flame war spreading into other forums....(sighs)...deploy the 1st infintrary division to take care of it.

He slumps back into his desk and sighs. We cut to:

INT. Forum Ready Room. Day.

We open to the familiar ready-room, with all the original lockers and weapon racks. Numerous people, now dressed out in a standardized uniform, are getting ready. Clips and buckles are locked into position. We hear a voice coming out of the crowd.

Voice: Alright, let's kick some ass people! Stun sticks and riot shields, go!

We go to the floor and begin zooming in on the person. It's our old friend Gortef. He's eyeing the entire crowd with one bad-ass eye, and an un-lit

cigar is hanging out of his mouth. We cut to:

INT. General Discussions (Side Thread). Day.

About 5 minutes have passed.  The teams are just entering the offending thread and setting up their riot shields and defensive positions, when they are suddenly assailed by a multitude of chairs, people and anything that can be lifted by the human arm. We cut to a soldier's view just behind the riot shields.

Gortef is shouting orders to diamondgeezer.

Gortef: Alright! Look, I want an entire wall of riot shields, moving up towards them. These new models can take anything, just as long as it's not to close, so
stay back aways! Get the stun sticks up front, and knock out any opposers! Got it?

diamondgeezer: Roger!

He turns to face behind himself.

diamondgeezer: Alright! Blue, Gold and Green teams, come with me! Yellow, cover our flanks! The rest of you, go with Gortef!

One member gets up to move towards him, when suddenly a few loud pops are heard, followed by more sounds, bullets begin to ping off the riot shields. The nenber is hit and goes down spinning.

Smoke and debris are flying into the air. We cut to the wounded soldier, lying screaming on the floor, with large quantities of blood seeping from an open wound in his sholder.


Gortef rushes up to him, accomponied by another soldier.

Gortef: (Grunts) Damn newbies! Can't take a bullet, can ya?!

We can see that several large holes are in his arm, seeping blood. He turns to the accompanying solder.

Gortef: Cover us with that shield! I'll get him out of here!

The soldier nods, and starts to raise his shield to begin defelcting bullets. As soon as he does, we hear a loud SMACK. The soldier drops to the floor, blood

seeping from his forehead, a large hole in his riot shield.

Gortef: ****! MEDIC! We need a medic over here!

A bullet pings off right next to him.

Gortef: ****ING BASTARDS! DIE!

He leaps up, and begins firing off at random. A bullet catches him in the arm, and the gun flys out of his hand. He goes spinning to the ground. We cut to a

SPOV (Soldier's Point Of View) of diamondgeezer and his squads. They're in no better shape, with numerous dead lying on the ground. We (the

camera) run over to diamondgeezer himself and Grey Wolf 2009. The latter's yelling into a headset, trying to call in some support.

Grey: Negaitve! Number of enemies unknown! (he ducks to avoid a bullet) No, I can't tell where it's coming from! Look, we need some heavy weaponry to come in from our entry point, STAT!

We cut to:

INT. Forum Ready Room. Day.

When we open, we see people are running around getting ready for battle. Tiara is directing their efforts, dressed out in a hot skintight uniform. Two

pistols are dangling at her side, and a riot shield is slung over her back. She's shouting out orders to the flustered members. As she's shouting, a TV monitor

behind her is displaying the situation in the forum. We move up and past Tiara to get a head's-on-view of the TV monitor. As we are zooming in, the battle

noises keep getting louder and louder. When we are right up against the screen, the battle noises are at normal pitch, and we continue zooming inwards.

We are now at the battle, and in a soldier's POV. Bullets are whizzing over our head, and numerous dead or wounded are lying on the ground. Shattered

riot shields are laying everywhere, as the teams try and hold back the tide. We cut to darkage and Stryke 9.

dark: Why the hell aren't those-(he ducks to dodge a bullet) defence turrets coming on line?!

Strkye: How the hell should I know! Get Corhellion on the line! Ask him!

darkage nods and, half-crouches, half-runs off. We follow him with the camera as he passes rows of other soldiers, all buckled down, with bullets

flying overhead. Suddenly, a riot shield bursts right in front of him. He falls to the ground, and we cut to a front view of him, as the transparant shards of the

shield fall on top of him. He yells and covers his face with his hands. The chaos stops for him. Mute all sound. We cut to a close-up of his vest. A large, red

drop falls from the top of the screen and hits it. We cut to dark's POV. His arms move away, and above him, suddenly, is a dead soldier, blood dripping

from a wound in his chest. We cut back to the forward view, as dark is visibly very startled and scampers backwards. He stops. Breathing heavily, he

regains his composure, swallows and crawls back past the dead man. We follow him with the camera until he reaches a radio-man.

dark: Hey! HEY! I need yo use your radio!

radio: What for?

Darkage pulls out a badge, with the words: DARKAGE: GENERAL. The radio-man is startled.

radio: Oh, uh, s-s-sir! Sure!

dark: (Grins) Good.

Darkage reaches for the phone on the man's backpack, and we cut to:

You either like this or you don't, but if you don't, Carl gets a free snack :D

INT. HLP Defence Control Room. Day.

We fade from the previous scene. When we open up, we (the camera) is resting on top of a desk. A radio is in front of us, and an out-of-focus figure is behind it, feet on the table. A small red light is blinking on the radio. WE focus on the figure. It's Corhellion.
Everything from the middle of his nose down is covered up by a magazine, although it's too dark to read what the title is. Cor whistles.[/i]

Cor: Whhoooo, baby! Now that's what I'm talking about!

He Flips the magazine over on it's side, and a three-sided centerfold folds out. He looks up and down it. cut to an over-the-sholder view, so we can see what he's reading. On the  centerfold is a tall PC case, one of it's side panels removed.[/i

CCor: And lookin' fine!

He glances up from the magazine and looks at the red blimking light on the radio. We focus on the radio, letting Cor slip out of focus. Hold for a few moments, and cut to (suddenly):

INT. Battle Scene (because I forgot where the action was!). Day

We open to see darkage with a finger in one of his ears, the other holding the telephone. Bullets are pinging off all over the place, and dirt and gravel are sent flying into the air. The sounds of battle are ringing loudly. Darkage has to yell into the reciever to be heard by the other end.
Darkage: He-Hello?! Cor! Where the hell were you man?!

We amplify what Cor is saying, so that we can here him.

Cor: Uhhh....looking at....stuff....

Darkage makes a puzzled expresion.

DarK: What stuff?

Cor: You wanted something?!?

Dark: Oh, yea, could you TAKE A FUKING LOOK AT YOUR MONITORS!?

Cor: (A pause) ****. You guys are in trobule.

Dark: Damnit, one of these days I'll--

He ducks to dodge a bulletas it whizzes past his head.

Darl: Damn! That was TOO close! Look, or, we need some backup, ASAP! And where are those defense guns!?

Cor: Srry about the guns, Shrike's upgrading the forums, and you know that they're inoperable then. Haven't you noticed the excess in beer lately? (He hiccups)


Cor: Oh, yea, right. I'll send them right over, you want fries with that?

Dark: Coooo---

He's cut off as a bullet passes through the radio man and out his back, destroying his radio pack as well.

DaK: ****!

WE cut to Gortef and venom2506. Gortef's shouting and gestulating wiledly and venom's nodding.

Gortef: Got it?

venom: Roger!

He turns around behind himself.

enom: Red, Blue, Gold squads! Form up, formation 9-Gamma!

The squads form up together, Roman-style, with shields covering both the front and top. Stun sticks are poking out of the mass of people eery which way.

venom: Hold this formatio  until help arrives! We need to protet the entrance!

A loud cheer goes up from the crowd, as the clanking of shields against the ground and other shields is venom's answer. Suddenly, the wall to their left explodes outwards. Out steps a blue Veritech in Battleloid configuration. It turns it's head to face the mob of people, and back to the battle. We ccut to Gortef.

Gortef: Max!? Max Sterliing!? HEY BUDDY WHAZUUUUUUPPPPP?!?!?!?!

The veritech turns it's head to face Gortef and waves, when suddenly a Gundam-looking mecha blasts out of the left corner of the sreen. It slams Max in the chest and sends him hurling back into a wall. Just as he's getting up, the other, black mecha, grabs him by the head and slams it against his leg.

venom: NO!

He runs up and hurls his stunstick at the enemy robot. It bounces off harmlessly and clanks to the ground. We cut to a left view of the robot's shoulder as the stick bounces off. It turns it's head, and it's eye reddens and downsizes. Suddenly, out of the right-hand corner of the screen, the valkry's fist slams into hte enemy mecha's head, sending him flying.  Max leaps
on top of him, and slams into him with his fists. He jets upwards. We cut to a ground view of the enemy mechad. He slowly, stumbly, reaches upwards up at max. We cut to Max, flying upwards with his jets. He transfers to Gaurdian mode, and let's loose a barrage of missles downards. We cut back to the same side iew. Numerous explosions are going off all over where the mecha's body is. Suddenly ,one big explosion engulfes all the smaller ones. The hand gets disintigrated in the blast, sending pieces evverywhere.
Max transforms back to Battloid, and cutsa his burners. He slams into the ground, sending shrapnel flying. He absorbes the impact by bending his legs, and slowly stands back up. We cut to:

INT. HLP Defence Control Room. Day.
Corhellion is standing next to Shrike. Both are standing in front of a small TV monitor, and are watching the chaos of the battle on the local HLP news channel. We cut to the TV. Windrunner is standing off to the corner of the screen, wearing a bullet-proof vest.
Windrunner: As of yet, we have no idea what started the riot, but---
He is cut off by an extra-loud gunshot. A loud yell comes from behind the camera, and it falls to the ground, image now semi-fuzzy.
Windrunner: **** THIS! IT'S BACK TO TAMPA!
We see his feet running off away from the battle. He jumps and hides behind a mound of metal and concrete, and begins to curse wildly. We cut back to the previous view of the Defence Control Room. Corhellion uses a remote to turn down the volume of the TV.
Cor: (Turns to face Shrike) Well?
Shrike: ( Ditto) Well what?
Cor: Should we use it?
Shrike: (Looks Concerned) You know what it could do to people, much less our own. Is it worth it?
Corhellion gestures towards the TV off-screen. He turns it back up again, and we rotate over to look at it. There is Windrunner, shaking a fist off to the left of the screen. The camera view is still scewed.
Windrunner:---you ****ing assholes! When I get through with you, you won't know---!
He is cut off as he is forced to duck under the escapement, as a bullet pings off the side it. He gets back up and resumes his tirade. Corhellion turns it down again, and turns to face Shrike.
Cor: What do you think?
Shrike: (Sighs) Alright, use it. Just put out a warning to the teams to get their masks on.
Cor: Roger that.
He walks over off the screen, and we follow him with the camera. He stops by a large radio set marked: ALL, and a bright red box with a glass front, with EMERGENCY ONLY scrawled on the top. He stops by the box, and punches the glass out with his fist. The shards fall to the floor with a slight tinkle. He reaches inside the box and pulls a bright black and yellow handle down. To the right, a small panel opens up, revealing a small console with a card slider next to it. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small, brightly-colored card with his picture and a barcode on it. He slides the barcode through the slider, and types a complex code into the console. When he is finished, he presses one more button. The console goes back up into the wall, and as he reaches for the radio set, we cut to:
INT. Battle Scene. Day.
We are at neck level with Gortef. He's hiding behind a large wall, and looking up curiousley. A large whirring can be heard coming from the ceiling. Several large monitors began to pop out with a countdown running from 15 to 0 seconds. Suddenly, he looks down, and slaps a hand to his earpiece. His eyes go wide, and we cut to a top view of him. He's looking straight up at us, and we rise extremely fast up to the ceiling, where one of the monitors is to the right of the screen. It's now at 10 seconds. We zoom at the same rate back down to Gortef's eyes. They suddenly snap out of the daze, and we cut to a side view. He again slaps his hand to his earpiece.
He immediately reaches down into his pocket and pulls out a small mask, look similar to the ones that pilots wear. It has a hose leading to a small bulge in his pants. In the background, we can see other troops doing the same. We cut back to the monitor, this time looking straight at it and zooming in. The timer is at 5...4....3...2...1. It hits zero, and nothing happens for a few seconds. Suddenly, the monitors snap back up into the ceiling. Suddenly, large vents open up in the roof, and a large hissing starts. Immediatley, green gas begins to pour out of the vents, and it's advancing rapidly. We cut to darkage. He's having trouble with his mask. We mute all external sounds. All we can hear is his heavy breathing, growing faster and faster. He suddenly take one long, raspy breath, and rips his mask off, taking a big slug of the gas. His eyes go wide. We cut to a close-up of one of them. The pupil shrinks to the size of a pin-head, and his head begins to shake. Sweat pours down his face. We cut to a worm's-eye view in front of him. His hands shoot up and clasp his head, and he lets out a long, blood-curdling scream, and drops to the ground. His body goes through a few spasms, then finally stops. We cut to a side view one of the riotors, and see the same gruesome spectacle. More people, rioters and soldiers who are not wearing their masks, drop in the background. Eventually, the screams thin out. We zoom outwards from this location. As the gas slowly englulfes the entire area, we fade to black.

Faaaaar too much time on your hands.

And with material this funny - it's no bad thing, great work mate - I hope you can keep it going (I want to make an appearence.... heh ;))

Wow that was quite a read and a good start. :)

*feels nostalgic as he remembers the original story*

Lets hope you get bored more often. ;)


very very good!

say...could I come back? I mean my brain got fried in the last one but couldn't you say something like "he would have been dead if he had a brain to begin with" or sommat like that ;) :D


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