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Beautiful writing, Karajorma. Simply outstanding. :nod::yes:

Have you, perchance, read any Arthur C. Clarke? Specifically, the 2001: A Space Oddysey series? You're thinking almost along the same lines, except with Clarke it was Monoliths.

Actually the writing is by Geezer not me. :) In fact it was Geezer's writing that pursuaded me to go from 1 mission code monkey to actually joining the MG team. How on Earth I ended up joint lead with Geezer is a bit of a blur to me :)

Personally I've never read 2001 (seen the films of course) but I have read other A.C. Clarke stories.

i just wanted another avatar :D

Geezer has done quite admirable work with Starborn story, which I should read again before I forget everything.

--- Quote ---i just wanted another avatar :D
--- End quote ---

Now who would have guessed that? :p


--- Quote ---Originally posted by karajorma
How on Earth I ended up joint lead with Geezer is a bit of a blur to me :)
--- End quote ---

I was sworn to secrecy but what the hell:

The Great Hypno:  …I’m going to count to 3.  You will wake up feeling rested and refreshed.  You will have an overwhelming desire to co-lead the MindGames campaign.  You will crave a new motherboard. When you hear the word ‘feel’, you will cluck like a chicken! *evil smile*

Audience:  *laughter*

Karajorma: mmmmm

The Great Hypno: One. Two. Three!  How do you feel Mr. Karajorma?

Karajorma: Buk! Bukbuk! Bukbukbuk!

Audience: *laughter* *applause*

The Great Hypno: Thank you! Thank you! *bows*

Karajorma: Buk! *raises two fingers to the Great Hypno* *grabs keyboard, starts Mission 6*

;7 :D ;7 :D ;7


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