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Stryke 9:
This is not only completely unnecessary, but stupid.

// Styxx

Knight Templar:
You double posted and yet you added 6 more chapters to it? :blah:

note, my browser had to load the reply page twice to post. :D

EDIT: Had to cut the quote. :p Seriously ****ed everything up on my end :lol:

Stryke 9:
KT: You can't quote it, it's too big.

And I had to go and type in the last few chapters, I didn't know whether I was gonna hit a character limit or not. As a matter of fact, I did. What you should be seeing is the complete work, but it is obviously not.

But that's neither here nor there, the real question remains: CP, can you identify that large number?

Is there an actual point to this?

Blue Lion:

--- Quote ---Originally posted by Shrike
Is there an actual point to this?
--- End quote ---

To wear out my scroll button?


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