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Unknown Target:
Could you give us some updates, please?

well we are all on summer vaication so nothing ..... i think kara is the only slave currently working :)

Knight Templar:
You're big on Vacations, aren't you?

Honestly, I'd see vacations as a reason to get more done, I have a lot less time to do anything during school. I'm supposed to be helping out a bit, but I've been a little occupied myself.

Speaking of which, Geezer, I'll try to kick up the pace a bit. Maybe I'll be available for what we talked about in a week or so.

Actually MG has been picking up a lot of speed recently. We've made a fair bit of progress behind the scenes.

Our newest FREDder lt.Cannonfodder has proved to be a bit of a machine, completing two missions in the past week. :)

Miburo is working on new weapons for us.

I'm actually more of a slacker than those two but I'm still working hard on the campaign too. You may have seen the first shots of the vasudan fighter/bomber I'm working on in the modding forum. Unfortunately it takes me ages to complete mods (I tend to churn them out at the incredibly slow rate of one completed mod every 6 months or so). I'm also FREDding away on a mission I designed a while back and have been aching to sink my teeth into :)  

KT : Geezer has handed over to me the job of working out the plotline for the demo to me. We're currently kicking about a few ideas for the mission but we should have something for you pretty soon :)

Sorry can't give much updates, too busy working on MG :D

Anyway what I can now tell is that Mind Games is taking huge steps forth. We got some odd bite of work-a-holic and now all frnts of MG is advancing.


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