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Yesterday lt. Cannonfodder has sent me a copy of an MG cutscene which will appear about halfway through the campaign. Pretty as it was it gave away far too much of plotline for much of it to be posted up so I asked him to make a special teaser version for us to pimp on HLP. It's short but fairly pretty :)

Right Click & Save Target As

Now don't complain that we don't ever post anything for those of you following the campaign :D

Um, how do I watch it?  It doesn't work with either WinMP or DivX.

You need the 3ivx codec to play it.

Knight Templar:
*is beggining to dislike the whole *ivx* line

ion any event, is that Orion mirrored, or is it just a new ship happy to see me? ;7


--- Quote ---Originally posted by karajorma
You need the 3ivx codec to play it.
--- End quote ---

Thanks.  Looks really good. :yes:


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