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Woolie Wool:
Will there be any?

Well, the short answer is 'no'.

The Starborn are 900km balls of plasma held together by quantum mechanics.  You can think of them as 'energy beings'.  They are equally at home on the surface of a star, in normal space or in subspace and they travel easily among the three environments under their own power.  (It is their movements to and from subspace that have created the doorways that we call 'jumpnodes'. )   They don't have ships simply because they don't need them.

There's more info in the FAQ and the Background.

Woolie Wool:
Can they attack other living beings or be killed?

It's hard for a Starborn to interact with solid matter.  The best they can do is push around a few molecules at a time.  What they can do is manipulate energy.  So it's easy for them to short circuit a human brain or overwhelm the magnetic containment fields around a fission engine.

So, yes, they can kill.  And they can turn off a missile's engines or blow it up - but they can't push it aside.  For more subtle outcomes, they let their Coldlife 'game pieces' do the work.

They can be killed but not by any weapon we know of - they're not immortal.  What effect would a hydrogen bomb have on a being that evolved in the hydrogen fires of a star?  The Shivan Groupmind did find a way to kill some the Starborn - those that were living in the photosphere of Capella. ;7

Woolie Wool:
I think that the GTVA, once/if it discovers the Starborn, should purge the human race of "sensitives".


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