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We've been pretty quiet for some time, so here's something to show our progress.

These are shots of couple (almost) finished MG missions, not yet featuring our excellent new weapons made by Miburo. Notice the nice new effects and backgrounds :)

Here's some nice shots of our new CB anims

And finally, some shots of our cutscenes. Sadly, we can't show you our best screens, as they contain pretty big spoilers.

Oh, I should propably thank Artbeats for making those excellent new explosions, and Fabio for the planets used in the cutscenes and some backgrounds.


:eek: :eek2:

My two favorite vessels... (asuming that is indeed a typhon)

I'd DL this for the cutscenes alone. :D

Yep. It is a Typhon. CF has done some great work on the the cutscenes and he is still improving some of them :)

We occassionally joke that we should just drop the FS2 bit and just make MG into an animated movie :D

We are waiting. Amazing job so far!


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