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Silent Warrior:
Um... It's been like seven months since anyone said anything here, and that was a post in Starborn FAQ. Any chance we could have some sort of status update? This month, even? :p The internal is apparently active, but what about the rest of us nobodies?

The MG team tend to be pretty secretive. We feel it adds to our overall mystery :)

That said I've been meaning to post a progress report for ages. Give me a day or two to put things together and I'll see what I can do :)

Black Wolf:
*Throws support behind a status update*

Pimp dammit!

We will when the time is right. We're getting some serious work done on the demo as we speak :)

Silent Warrior:
Woohooo! That's a status report! FINALLYYYYYY! Cool, now I can die happy and stuff.


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