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hey, when will you guys make downloads of Mind Games besides the trailer (very nice, I might add). I'm a campaign hunter, and the only good ones I found were Derelict and Inferno.

Well MG is at the moment in state of renewal old stuff. We are pretty much done neverless on main stuff (doesn't include missions). So its matter of time, but do not expect it coming all too soon.

You will have to wait for a while. :D

So, will Mind Games have new animations and ships like Inferno? Or just originals? It would be pretty cool. ;) PM me with the redo, please. Or will you just brush me off and have us download it ourselves and give us grief?

(I'm surprised people are actually replying to this thing... Oh, you guys can call me DJ, that's my out-of-the-forum nickname; TopAce, tell everyone in the other forums, please. :D  I also got a 115 in bowling today, an all-time high! :) :yes: :yes: )

MG will have a lot of previously released ships (i.e mods that were publically released). There will also be a few new exclusive models which we're keeping undercover at the moment.

We're currently working on Chapter One which will only be 3 missions long and will serve as a prologue to the main storyline. There is still a lot to do before we're ready to release anything though.


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