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--- Quote ---Originally posted by TopAce
I haven't seen this yet. Is this Earth skybox new?
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It's on the FTP. You'll need it to playtest Singh's latest mission :)


Please tell me you're not still using that (*hack* *spit*) Valkyrie Mk.2 model, though....

We're still in the process of changing over.

The Valkyrie is likely to stay. It will get a bit of a facelift from DaBrain though. With decent shinemaps and glows it's actually quite a nice looking ship.

 If you don't like it you could always make us a high poly version ;)

Well Valkyrie on my opinnion is good looking replacement for its ancestor ;)

Oh and can't see my house, but can be seen still, at least in cruel skandinavia (look on your euro coins around finland and sweden) :D


--- Quote ---Originally posted by Miburo
And Banshee and earth? Late war weapon in early days? :rolleyes:
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Placeholder. I didn't bother to correct Singh cause we're going to have to rebalance all the missions when we swap over anyway.


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