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No Supernova?

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Grey Wolf:
I was playing through the main campaign again, and had reache the final mission. I was playing on Hard instead of Medium, and due to my total ineptness, all the GTVA ships other than me were destroyed and one Cain-class cruiser wasn't destroyed, only disabled and disarmed. Meanwhile, hordes of Shivan fighters and bombers swarmed my Herc II and by 25 minutes had gotten the hull down to 5%. So I hit Alt-J and the game let me jump out. No end movie, just a debriefing screen saying "No debriefing for mission 'Apocalypse'" Has anyone else had this happen?

The Cain is supposed to die.  Apparently its part of the triggering system (probably indirectly) for the supernova to go off.

Yep, lucky you chose that exact vessel.  

You saved Capella!

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You saved Capella!

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