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I'm in your POF, fixing your polies.

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Col. Fishguts:
So, I finally I got around to play this, and I must say I like it a lot... combat with ballistic primaries, no shields and primitive sensors is more fun that I would have thought ;)

What I like not so much is the fact that most of your models suffer from the limits of PCS back when your POFs were converted. Most models are completely smoothed (sucking up a lot of the geometry details), while some others are left completely faceted (Mustang Alpha&Beta). Then there are some models that have some serious errors in the vertex normals, resulting in really really weird lighting (Constellation and Pericles), and let's not even get started on the Atropos...

So i sat down and imported the Shrike into 3dsmax and gave it proper smooth groups, see below for results.

I also fixed some really ugly UV errors and geometry errors on LOD1, remade LOD2 completely, made better debris chunks and aligned the firing points correctly.

Click to download new POF.

Now, I'm toying with the idea of going through the TVWP ships and fixing some of the worst eyesores. But the question is, are you already working on upgrading your models (i.e. would I be doing redundant work) or would you be interested?

Fantastic, thanks a lot! :cool: I'll let one of the higher ups make the call on using it but i imagine it'll be a yes. Certainly gets my seal of approval. :yes:

I havent heard of any existing work on fixing models (other than the Pericles, which i think someone decided to have a go at an HTL for, can't remember who though). If you wished too youd be most welcome i'm sure. The poor Kestrel especially needs a bit of TLC; it has a load of invisible faces on the cockpit and in the gap where the chassis meets the wings (i looks like a vertex normal problem causing the texture is rendering on the wrong side of the skin, but i might be wrong there).

Ooh, nice!  I think we could use this.  We're not actively working on the TVWP modpack right now (as opposed to the missions), but if someone dropped ready-made models in our lap we'd certainly use them. :)

I still hope to get the upgraded Mustangs soon. I've just sent a message to the modeller who's supposedly working on them, requesting a status update.

Col. Fishguts:
Ok, then i think I'll do a few more upgrades.
The Kestrel cockpit is indeed weird... but I think it's related to the alpha channel of the map. Also most of the TGA shinemaps don't use the alpha channel properly, resulting in way to reflective ships if environmental mapping is enabled. This might also be a relic, since a few years back there was a change in FSO how it interprets the alpha channel of shinemaps.


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