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SEXP Argument changes via mod.tbl

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Yeah, I wasn't looking carefully and assumed that was why you asked about swapping those two round. :)

To be honest the main time you're really going to see much of a difference is in cases like the example at the top of the page. Anything to do with variables is going to have a different result. But that's kinda the point of the change. :)

Cool. :)

I'm going to tentatively assume this won't be a problem for Scroll, and if any problems come up in the future I'll just find a way to work around them.  I'd like to take a look at your patch before you commit it though.

General Battuta:
Think I'm going to have to switch all of BP to this :negative:

Did you run into a problem because of it? Or just pre-emptively.

General Battuta:
I was working on an event that relies on variables to hold argument names, so yeah, the old way definitely would've broken.

I guess that's pre-emptive. I haven't actually tested whether our missions still work after the swap...


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