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Any tips on the second REAL mission? the one where you destroy the cylon basestar that is following you?

David cgc:
Make sure you're targeting the heavy missile batteries at the tips of the arms, not the light missiles closer to the center axis. Don't zoom out ahead of the rest of your squadron, you'll be swarmed if you're the only Viper in raider range. Use glide to keep your nose pointed at the missile launchers without actually colliding with the baseship. Oh, and the missiles are on the inner surface of the arms, not the smooth outer side. Sometimes the target box will have an "X" over it if you don't have line of sight, but it does get confused sometimes and say it can hit a target it really can't, so use your own judgement.

Don't give orders to your wingmates until the Basestar is disarmed, they have specific orders FREDed at the beginning to target specific subsystems and they usually manage to carry them out better than if you try to manually micromanage them.

EDIT: Note that using nightly builds (or even 3.6.18, IIRC) instead of older official Diaspora builds may alleviate the need to depend on the original orders, as there was a bug in AI subsystem attack pathing that was fixed recently-ish, which means they should react better to your orders if you make them attack specific subsystem manually.

Thanks! that helped. I didn't know that red was so much better armed for baseship attack. I beat the campaign, but the end was sad :(

This guide is very awesome. Thank you! Particularly the tip of starting a multiplayer game to get used to spaceflight!


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