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Controller Configuration Guide (Windows 7)

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Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers > Game Controllers > Advanced Settings: Select "Preferred Device"

wxLauncher for Diaspora > Basic Settings > Joystick: Select Appropriate Joystick Driver ("Microsoft PC-joystick driver")

Diaspora > Options > Control Config ...

... Ship: Bind "Absolute Throttle Axis" and "Bank Axis" (Note: "Turn (Yaw) Axis" and "Pitch Axis" will be pre-defined by default)

Sweet! :yes:

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(If you don't see the difference, it's because you're running a high resolution.  Try resizing your browser window to the equivalent of 1024x768 or 1440x900 etc and see the difference.)

RE: Logitech Dual Action (PSX2-a-like) controller.

Almost "works", as in the left analog stick and all 12 buttons are acknowledged by Diaspora but the right stick is not recognized or configurable within the options as far as I can tell.

Without the Right hand stick the numberpad is the only choice available for pitch/Roll etc, making it impractical to use the controller at all.

I have tried vibmod 3.0 in various set ups but with no joy.
XPadder most likely could be used but the precision from analogue input is preferable for pitch & roll.

Is there a fix or will Diaspora support plug n play of popular controllers?

Even if its 'only' Xbox360 controller support that will suffice as there are adequate quick fixes for the Logitech controllers using Vib mod - found here -  to utilize the xbox360 input. direct x.



--- Quote from: Brennus on September 11, 2012, 07:33:42 am ---Fixed

--- End quote ---

:yes:  Thanks.  :)


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