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I for myself would really like to be able to play a pre FS1 war. I enyjoed playing the unification war a lot and would really like to continue this project if noone minds. Would be glad if I could get the dev datas from the orginal developers or at least there "green light". Hope to hear from you guys.

There are two members, T-Man and Solatar, who have both proposed continuing the project with new missions and stories.  Unfortunately, neither one has created anything yet.

If you are interested in continuing the project, we would love to see what you create.  However, we can't simply grant you access to the project without knowing anything about you.  (Especially as you only have one post.)  Instead, I would recommend that you try to produce a few missions of your own.  Alternatively, you could send a message to T-Man or Solatar to see what they say.

T-Man is the last person officially heading the project, but that was a year or two ago.  I've been working on some stuff for Operation Thresher in the past couple months, but RL is always an issue for me and I've gotten a job since originally posting my intent to create Thresher in the internal.  My content and art creation abilities aren't quite up to the same standards as a major, modern campaign, so I don't have a lot of flashy stuff to show off.  Since there's really no "team" left, I haven't been uploading any half-finished work for critique, as there's nobody to comment on it.

If you'd be interested in assisting with my endeavor, let me know (there's some story stuff and a Beta mod-pack + mission concept in the internal).  I wouldn't mind a little help.  On the other hand, if you have a clear idea of something you want to create in mind, and the motivation to pull something off, showing off a mission or two like Goober suggested would be a great way to gain some traction.  If you've got an awesome idea and the motivation to pull it off, I'd also love to see what you come up with, and I wouldn't let my snail's pace stuff get in the way of a release.

Thanks for the reply guys. Iam working on a small campaing at this moment and will post it up once its finished. I see that iam an unknown guy around here. Im working with fred 2 and my own mods since a few years and now felt that its time to move onto the next level which would be an offical mod or campaing which other people can play too. I dont have to much expierince with creating a whole new mod but I thought I could try my hand on this one . I do have some ideas of my own but would also be happy if I could assist someone in a project.

I suspect that anyone seeking assistance would ask you to provide some samples of your work anyway.  So in that sense you can't go wrong by publishing a few missions or a small mod of your own.  Build your resume. :)


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