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Unknown Target:
Scene One: EXT. Space
Fade from black. We see a starfield in front of us, and we start to move towards it, gradually going at a faster rate. Begin credits and music. We fly past multiple stars and nebulas as opening credits are fading in and out again. We suddenly see the dim outline of the VBB Station (Arcadia-class). Continue to roll credits and play music. We continuosly fly closer to the station, but pause about a mile out, as the music and credits stop. We stay like that for a few seconds, making the audience wonder what's going on. Suddenly, we see a flash of light, and a twin pair of thrusters burning intensly. Suddenly, more flashes and thruster glows appear, gradually becoming faster and more common. Suddenly, one flys towards us, passing just beneath the camera. The camera shakes as we play the flybye sound effects. Just as it leaves our FOV (Field Of View), we see numerous small explosions erupt on the Arcadia. Suddenly, a monstrous explosion rips the station in half. The two halves of the station begin to drift at apart, and suddenly a humongous explosion, complete with a colossal shockwave, erupts. We mute sound. Begin playing a solom, emotional music track. We cut to a 50-degree angled side view of three escape pods, flying as fast as they can away from the station. The station is out of our FOV, to the right of the screen, but the shockwave is approaching fast. The camera is bobbing up and down, trying to stay focused on the center pod. We see that the pod has a black scythe and a numer: 00494832, outlined against the white pod body. We cut to slow-motion, complete with motion blurs, as the shockwave overtakes the last two pods. Camera is still bobbing up and down. They get destroyed, and the shockwave continues on. In the distance we can see other pods have made it, but we continue to try to stay focused on the one pod. The shockwave manages to catch up, but only knocks out one of the engines, sending the ship into an uncontrollable death spiral. Continue to play music, but keep extrenal sounds muted. The pod gets knocked downards at incredible speeds. As the camera snaps downwards, we stop slow motion+blur, and follow it downwards. It is moving so fast, it doesn't take it long for us to lose sight of it. Fade to black.

Scene 2: INT. Day. HLPBB, General Discussions.
The scene opens to fish-eye view from the ceiling, looking down through a slowly turning fan. We see a gaggle of newbies, goggling at Setekh's renders, asking passerby where they could get the program that made them. Numerous discussions are taking place. We see an admin walk through, looking left and right for perpetrators, HLP hammer of justice dangling at his side.

Thunder: (Voice-Over) "When the Volition board was operating, we were our best hope for Moding. When it exploded in the cataclysmic event that sent shockwaves through the community, we became the last, best hope for Freespace."
Cut to black.
INT. Freespace Source Code Forum. Day.
Fade from black. We open to silence. A few machines can be seen in the background, along with some human sighloettes. All is lit by a bluish glow. Slowly, laboratory clicks and beeps can be heard. Suddenly, voices can be heard. A figure appears from behind the camera. It is Kazan. We follow him from a behind-the-back view. He walks towards the center. He pauses, and puts his arms on his hips. Suddenly, he looks to the right, and shouts at something. He runs over to the right. Before following him, we pause for a couple seconds. We see what he was looking at. It is a giant holographic display in the center of the room, with a double helix floating inside. the camera snaps to the right, and follows Kazan over to where he's shouting at Inquisitor. Numerous parts and components can be seen scattered over the floor.

Kazan: No, no, NO! Red goes here! Black goes THERE! What are you taking this all apart for! I'm trying to get out of here and you're taking everything apart!

Inquisitor makes some wookie-like groans and yelps

Kazan: Don't get smart with me, asshole!

As theycontinue to argue, we pan around the room, and we see r0nin playing with some Robotech toys in a corner, and WMCoolmon is fiddling with some high explosives. We see a troll cursing out a senior forum member in another corner, and zoom in.

Troll: Yuasshole!Youcoldn'tprogramifitwasshovdupyourass!

Bobboau: That doesn't even make any sense.

Troll: Shutupdipsht!

Suddenly, the door slams open, and we see the silghouete of Thunder framed against the outside light.

Bobboau: Thunder, finally, what took so long?

Thunder: Sorry, Bobboau, I had some problems withe the elavator. Now, where's that troll?

Bobboau: Over here.

Thunder walks over to the corner, and eyes the troll curiously. Suddenly, he grabs the handle of his hammer. The troll's eyes go wide. We cut to a close up of the troll's eyes. We cut to Thunder. We cut to the handle. In slow motion, he pulls it out. We mute all external sounds. When he pulls it out, we here an echoing click resound.

Troll: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

The hammer ignites, and, still in slow-mo, Thunder swings it down. External sound and regular speed return as the hammer connects, and troll is vaporized. Thunder walks outside, and the door closes behind him. We can here him whistling the tune to David Bowe's "I'm a Spaceman,"
Fade to black as we  zoom in on the door

I like it. :yes:
But why so many spell hear here? :p

Unknown Target:
just because :p


--- Quote ---Originally posted by Unkown Target
We can here him whistling the tune to David Bowe's "I'm a Spaceman,"
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Unknown Target:
And here's the next chapter.
[NOTE: This thread will probably be moved and renamed something else in the near future, due to the fact that the original (and unchangable) topic header is now inadequite to describe what this thread is about. In an effort to get more readers, I'm going to change it to better describe the story.]

INT. Docking bay 5. Day.
Fade from black. We open to see a general mess. Everything's charred and blackened, while shotgun holes riddle the walls and other areas. Numerous newbies are lying unconscious, strewn about the floor. Sounds of yelling and fighting can be heard in the next bay. We pan around the room, hearing and seeing some fires crackling in the distance. We stop panning, and focus on an escape pod. Wait a few seconds. A door bursts open, and we snap to it, and see wEvil, replete with flowing cape, walk into the room, flanked by Black Ace and Skippy.

wEvil: Black!

Black Ace: Yes, master?

wEvil: Has the package arrived?

BA: Yes, it is over there.

He points, and we pan the camera up along his arm, to see what he is pointing at. It's the shuttle. As they are walking to it, we pan out from them, and rotate the camera around the shuttle, still focusing on the group. We see burn marks on one of the engines.

wEvil: Skippy! Was it towed in without any...problems?

Skippy: A simple drone was inspecting the tractor beam, but we eliminated it.

wEvil: (in insidious Venom-like voice) Gooooooodddd....

He runs his hand over the shuttle's hull. He runs his figures over the chipped image of a scythe and a number: 00494832.

Thorn: Darkage! Begin cryogenic thawing immediatley!

Darkage: Yes sir, but it shall take awhile.

Thorn: That is acceptable. We have...
cut to a close up of his eyes, one is partially hidden in the shadows
...all the time in the world.

Screen wipe to:
INT. General Discussions. Day.
We see Kamikaze and Razor trying to decide which was better: Total Anhilation, or the Command and Conquer series

Kamikaze: I'm tellin' ya, Razor, C&C is way better that TA! Westwood practically made TA, because they revolutionised the RTS industry!

Razor: Not so! All they do is package the same game with new graphics and manuel, and sell it as Command Conquer: Yet Again! TA was so much better, because of it's originality!

Kamikaze: Riiiighhttt...and I suppose you think Elvis is alive too, right?

Razor: Shhhh! Don't say it so loud!

While the argument is going on, we pan over to see Thunder and Shrike discussing the current state of the board.

Thunder: I'm telling you Shrike, we should beef up security! The boards defences are 30 years old, and don't even get me talking about the bathrooms in the Independance War forums!

Shrike: Alright, Thunder you try footing the bill!

Thunder: Now, now, don't get hasty there, I'm simply saying...

His voice fades out as we also fade out the view to:

INT. TAP Forums. Night.
Fade from previous scene. We can here construction efforts in the background, and the sounds of drilling. We pan across the room to see a gaggle of contsruction workers hammering away at the pod

wEvil: (out of site) What is the delay! I expected this to be at least open two days ago!

Analazon: I am sorry, your evilness, but it is taking time. The pod was sealed shut in the cataclysm that destroyed the VBB.

Suddenly, in the background, we hear a shout and a groan of metal. WE snap to a view of the side of the pod, where a worker has pried open the shuttle's main cargo door. Inside we can see the two frozen bodies of Alpha_One, and HemroidFrogButt.

wEvil: The day has come! We will bring HLP to it's knees, and let the rule of the trolls begin!

a cheer erupts from the crowd, as we fade to black

What is wEvil's plan? Will he succeed? Stay tuned, and comments are welcome!


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