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RE-RELEASE: Dimensional Eclipse - The Singularity (COMPLETE)

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Spoiler:You die in all of them, though.


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--- Quote from: Master_of_the_blade on June 06, 2014, 03:39:56 am ---Aw it ended. Really fun. Especially the last mission. Does it have alternate endings?

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Really? It does? Since when? :P

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Droid! *Shakes Fist* Why you lie to me!?

I'm pretty sure the end-end is the same though, which is why I didn't really consider them different endings, there's only very minor differences.
It's nothing worth replaying again to see, just cosmetic differences so that the dialogue choices have -some- effect.

I really liked the way you used Shivan ships with black lasers. Very cool.

It does not works for me it crashes saying:
ERROR: "Invalid Species Exarchy defined in table entry for ship EXF Marquis#Kaalith." at ship/ship.cpp:1400


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