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Update: February 23, 2017!

jad221_root and jad222_root were updated


* Cloaking device no longer turns into a lightning sword after berserkingJAD:XA

* No Traitor turned on for each mission, so if you use a HAXase on an enemy and decide to kill it early, no one thinks that's a bad thingStop the Music

* The first part of the mission no longer tries to restart if you kill the boss from the checkpointMy hero...

* Now has a fail debriefAlmost Anything Is Possible

* Now actually works!

Update: March 11, 2017!

jad221_root and jad222_root were updated

Infinite Spawning Script:

* Before the game could try and always keep a number of fighters battling you (usually 10). On insane this got to be a little unfair and dumb. Now the spawning system checks once a minute if it needs to add more fighters or not. (Note this doesn't apply to the Endless Gauntlet!)AI:

* Insane no longer has a 99 fighter and missile targetting limit on the player. It is now 7 missiles and 5 fighters (same as Hard)VN Script:

* Fixed the error about Speed being nil if you right clicked.Cloaking System:

* HUD gauge now re-appears after quick restarting after getting blown upEscape from High School:

* Fixed typosGet Revengeance:

* You can no longer jump to the junkyard from the junkyard
* Henrietta will now actually leave properlyVarious Missions:

* Built in messages disabled on various capital shipsAlmost Anything Is Possible:

* Hakase is a little more smarter and considering with respect to dragging around giant starshipsXtreme Arcade HUB:

* Selkie and Iapetus billboards are now fly-throughableEndless Gauntlet:

* Endless Mode ranking revised. It now goes…
* S: 10,000+
* A: 7,500-9,999
* B: 4,000-7,499
* C: 1000-3,999
* D: 200-999
* F: >199The scoreboard rankings will be retroactively revised.

Update: July 22, 2017!

jad221_root and jad222_root were updated

Visual Novel Script:

* The message box is a few pixels higher now, so people with smaller resolutions (around 720px high) can see all the choices for menus.Journal:

* Fixed bug where it wasn't releasing cfile handles on journal entries. (This, in addition to some recent headani fixes in the code, might let you play the campaign longer before the game will inevitably crash)Campaign Map:

* More graceful error handlingForced Feeding:

* Fixed some bad checkpoint stuffThe Power of Friendship:

* Mission no longer assumes Befriendinator's hull is hard capped at 75% because that's not how supercap works!Get Revengeance:

* The Tenth's ships are now invincible until he latches on to them (sorry, no free ride there anymore!)Le petit dejeuner symphonie:

* The PPB Heartbreaker is now actually flyable in the mission!
* Going back to the mission map after completing the mission should no longer cause a lua errorHolley's Cooking Corner:

* Scoring details are now shown so you can see what you need to work on
* Cake baking scoring totally revamped. You can now actually make good cakes, Brent.
* (Note, that only applies to the scoring, the cake is still literally poisonous and no matter how hard Holley bakes, her friends won't trust it)

Update: November 12, 2017!

jad221_root, jad221_assets, jad222_root and jad222_assets were updated

Visual Novel Script:

* Added more helpful error messages in case of a missing/invalid image being usedTables & Models:

* Fixed a lot of minor issues that caused debug builds to give you warnings, complicating things when I'm trying to solve other problems....Get Revengance:

* No more crashes if you chose Alex or Epsilon 1 during the "Battle of Wits Trollfest" with the Tenth Beta Tester

Update: July 8, 2018!

jad221_root, and jad222_root were updated

Cowboy Delta Star:

* An issue where the POOCHIE Fighters would crash the game was fixedVN Files:

* Various typos fixed.Tables:

* Fixed bad sound references.
* Some behind the scenes stuff in the scripts to make error reporting better and making future developments easier.


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