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Hello...Im lost!

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Hope everyone is well.

So, I have installed FS2 from GOG.  I can see it in my files and on my desktop.

The old game launches....but....

How to do I get the updated version to work.  I have tried several different walk throughs to no avail.

Also, no sound.


Jim Lowery

So it says there is not a retail FS2 installed.  But it is there.  So that is the first problem.

Thanks Jim Lowery

Hi! If you are wanting to try the visual upgrades and such, we recommend using the Knossos Launcher. Or perhaps that is what you have started with? Also, commonly troubleshooting can be noticed and responded to a bit quicker on the Discord channel if that might work you :)

Colonol Dekker:
Have you used knossos, the latest exe  should sort your issues out immediately?

Yes I have Knossos, but says there is only the "demo" there.

Thanks for the replies.  Yes I want the updated games.  Loved this game.  I still talk about it to my students.   

Jim Lowery


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