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Raven IIC:
Looking great!! Keep up the awesome work. Hope you get this campaign finished soon. Can't wait to play it!

Ok though work is slow it is coming together, thanks to Magic once again I have all the 30 missions done geographically, there is now a forest wall model that works (super thanks to magic it has been a long road, thought it looks like there is another trick up magics sleeve also regarding these forests), I have also modeled the majority of the mission MC1 buildings, there a still a few that are needed but there are also some that I cant be bothered with and will replace with something equivalent from the current MCO models. Another point to note is that I have a bucket load of UV and texture work as there are 22 MC1 models needing it...

Here is one!

New MCO model

Old MCG model

Karl, like the others, I can't wait to replay MC1. Keep up the great work.

Just read this thread- amazing work guys!

Cheers guys there is more done but nothing massively significant. I am really waiting to have all the MC1 buildings finished and into MCO before making a big push to get the missions finished.

(its not that difficult to do the placement of assets in the missions but the scripting will probably take time)

Also with Ma.Din working on the textures of MCO there is now a growing need to push improvements to the models so that they are not crap compared to the ground textures (DAMN YOU MA.DIN!).

My time is being consumed!

Dont worry guys you will get MC1 on MCO at some stage :) :)


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