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The E:
Okay, to revive this piece of software a bit, I have put in some work to get it to compile on VS2010.

It compiles, but beware of any lingering bugs. The author made a few very, very wrong assumptions about VC's scoping behaviour, and how it wouldn't be changed from VC6's buggy implementation. I may have introduced some errors where none were before.

Get it here:

EDIT: ModelView project on Google Code, started by yours truly:

Thank you very much.

Getter Robo G:
OMG is this really happening!?


Don't wake me!

The E:
It's only happening if other people can come forward to start helping (and yes, bug reports and feature requests etc ARE helping, so go to the Google Code page I linked to and start entering them!).

I hate to be mister negative here but doesn't this project divide up already thin resources?  Having the source is great but why try to revive a long dead util?  Would it not be better to implement the best features into PCS2? 


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