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RELEASE: NameDumper


I wrote a small tool that extracts all "$Name" values from a table file because it's a pain to create a Flashy Deaths script-configfile by looking up each name in the tables.
This is a Java-program, so it should run on all platforms that have a recent JRE installed.

Usage: nameDumper [inputTable] [outputFile]
If 'inputTable' wasn't specified the tool will dump the names of all tables in the current directory into a file for each table named '<tableName>.names'.
If 'inputTable' is an directory the same will be done to that directory.
If 'outputFile' isn't specified the output is printed to stdout.
Specify '*noFile*' for this and the output will be printed to stdOut.

I put this together quite fast, so there may be some bugs.

Feel free to criticize it and I'm also open to suggestions for new features :nod:

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