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instance_geometry not found error

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The E:
So, I have been trying my hand at some model work. Never lacking in ambition, my first project was Steve-O's Wraith (known as the Uriel in WiH).

Now, There are a few things strange here. One, when exporting this model from Cinema4D, and into PCS2, I get the error mentioned in the thread title on the detail1 and detail2 subobjects. In addition, Coordinates seem off; I have to place thruster objects, firepoints, and other stuff a few units above their wanted positions to get them placed correctly in-game.

C4D File:

DAE generated from that:

What am I doing wrong here?

can't open the c4d file, but do the other details have a centerpoint ( a helper named centerpoint_detail1, aso)?
If not set one. Do you select everything when exporting to .dae?

It's got an extra detail1 node that doesn't have any geometry as the parent of the one that does. Support for this probably could be added.

Things turning up out of place might be due to helpers having transformations defined; these are currently ignored by the importer. Otherwise, I'd need to have a look at the input.

The E:
Yeah, I figured this out while looking at the dae in notepad++. Fixed it, everything's fine now, thanks guys.

i kinda wish somone would put all of pcs2's autogen capabilities up somewhere, possibly with model examples. there seems to be lots of features that just aren't documented anywhere. the wiki page is somewhat hard to find, its woefully out of date, and the descriptions need to be more descriptive. it doesn't give you any idea of what hierarchy to use. there are tutorials that cover this but they are scattered all over the place and sometimes wrong and contradictory, what is needed is a solid reference. so i can go to one place and at a glance know what i need to name it, and what it needs to be connected to to convert properly. its also easier to update than the hodgepodge of forum tutorials floating around out there.


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