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Today I want to present a project of mine that aims at creating a new editor for editing FreeSpace table files.
Current features are:

* Syntax highlighting
* Parsing of table files to generate a table outline
* A wizard to create table files with help of templates
* Documentation of table elements :nod: (A big thanks to the FreeSpace wiki at this point)
* (limited) Content assist
* Table to spreadsheet exporter (currently supported formats: CSV, XLS)
* Open tables out of VP filesPlanned Features:

* Format table
* Error checking
* Project System
* Open tables out of VP filesThe project is written in Java with help of the QT Jambi framework just for those who may be interested in this.

Now that you skipped that part here are some pictures:
Small Overview

The Table Explorer:

Documentation in action:

Content assistTM:

And the wizard to create table files:

Comments, thoughts, feature requests or something else?

General Battuta:
Oh dear. Poor Sigtau. I guess we'll have two table editors.

Can this export to spreadsheets, or import from? That was the big feature Sigtau's Tableview 2 was headed for.

Currently it doesn't support this but it would be easy to implement.

General Battuta:
That would be fantastic, and make Fury very happy. Well done.

+1 for spreadsheet support


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