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Latest PCS2 does not auto-gen dock paths


Just tried out the latest build.  Ran auto-gen on a model with existing paths.  It generated subsystem paths and left the existing dock paths but did not generate the new dock paths.  Removed all paths and tired again.  Only subsystem paths were generated. 

Does the dockpoint have any paths set?

Yes as they were copied.  PCS2.03 had no problem generating them. 

Also just checked and there is no way to remove an existing path from a dock point.

Have you tried the delete button in the paths part of the dockpoint editor?

OK that gets rid of the path.  It also shows another potential issue.  If you delete the path from the dock point but do not delete the path itself autogen makes a new path and both have the dock as parent.  This was so much easier in 2.03.  One prompt that the old paths would be deleted.  Now you have to delete the path from the dock and the path itself. 


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