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PCS2 has weird ideas about subobject rotation

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The E:
So I have this fighter. It has several afterburner flaps, that are supposed to be arranged around the main engine. I have set them up the way I want them in Cinema4D, but on import into PCS2, the rotations are all seemingly random (There's a system behind it, I just don't know what it is). Model file is attached.

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Did you reset x-form? (or whatever the equivalent is in C4D)
Cause when I forget to do that is when I get randomly rotated subobjects (despite looking correct in 3D Studio Max). Might be something similar going on?

One thing I've noticed in Max is that if you rest xform on a group of objects and some of them are children of an object in the group it will not reset the transform or scale.  This also gives the kind of results you see.  Try resetting xform on each item individually starting from the lowest child level up. 

The E:
Thanks for the info. Can one of you do that for me? I can't seem to find the right function in C4D to do this....

Can you provide the original model in something like .obj or another format that max might be able to read?


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