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Version 1.3.0 released! With two big features:

Comes with support for pof version 2300 with increased vertex/normal counts (65k -> 4 billion) (with thanks to DahBlount in assistance with implementing that in engine) . No more need to cut large models up into many subobjects!

Supports .gltf/.glb import/export, which (at least for blender) finally allows for lossless round-tripping. No more do you need to remake the .pof from scratch if you need to make a tiny change to the model! A lack of proper round-tripping has always been a major annoyance for me with PCS2 and a lossless round-trip was always a big goal for me, so I'm very glad to finally be there.

Note that .gltf models are unavoidably split by every polygon into separate vertex groups, so be aware of this when importing into your modeling software of choice. Blender can re-merge the mesh back together and maintain smoothing by ensuring 'sharp edges' is checked when using 'merge by distance' (Pof Tools does not require this step if you are re-importing back into .pof).

There've been many models over the years that have been split into submodels to get around the index limits. It is my opinion, one which I have very lightly but not rigorously tested with actual performance profiling, that this makes collision detection slower than if there was a single submodel with all that geometry. When 22.2 comes around I think it would do the general performance of the game good if people, particular the FSU, went in and merged all such models back together, something that the GLTF import/export and blender makes a piece of cake.

Note, I'm not talking about detailboxing. If you have detail boxes that is likely good and you should keep them.

Also, merging everything together should make using the collision LOD options in the ships table easier, and performance would be helped by that too.


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