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Version 1.1 released. Includes replacing the opaque 'docking points' interface with a much more clear 'docking orientation' interface, allows you to see the pof version of a file and change it, and visually displays radius, bounding box and offset when the relevant fields are hovered over or clicked.

Awesome, these are some very handy features! The hover over tooltip for various POF versions is an extra useful bonus!

If Bromios is loaded into Pof Tools, it shows The header's bounding box does not encompass all of its geometry, but recalculate does nothing.

Intersting thing, if older Bromios is loaded, Pof Tools don't show this warning, but after recalculating header's bounding box, there is this warning.

Thanks for the heads-up :yes:, it has been fixed and will be in the next version (which should be within the next few days).

Version 1.2 released, which has some basic texture support, allows for moving just the center of a subobject and better properties handling.


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