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New 24 mission MC2X Campaign on the way


As there are still MC2 fans out there and I continue to work on my  MC2 mod MC2X and nothing new was posted for MCO since over 2 years I inform you here, that I work on a 24 mission campaign (REAP2) with 20  missions already finished.
MC2X is now at (R55). Maybe Feb/Mar 2023 to be released. :)

Oh that's neat.

I still play MC2 from time to time, even though we're lucky to live in a world where we now also have the battletech videogame to scratch that tactical 'mech action itch.

Got 25 missions now. Need to put text into descriptions. Created a new feature in MC2X that allows you to switch units during a mission.
For example pilot x starts in a light mech and finds a parked or a disabled but usable assault mech or copter. The pilot can leave his current unit mech/vehicle behind and use the other one. All data from the current mission (wounds, kills) is kept. This continues my long route of giving this very old classic game all the realistic option a real mech commander would have. There comes some delay for the release with this development. Stay tuned if you may enjoy such things.


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