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PCS2 Roadmap


Ok... post your feature requests here.. I'll add them to my lists here

(approved features are added to the roadmaps - additional revision goals will be added as needed)

PCS 2.0 Roadmap
[*] Completely rewritten POF BSP compiler
[*] New internal model format [PMF]
[*] PMF saving to disk
[*] POF Load from/saving to disk
[*] gunpoint convergence calcuator
[*] .cob import
[*] .cob Autogen features
[*] BSP Debug (ala show sortnorms/bboxes from PCS1)
[*] Functional import features (PMF->PMF data copy)
[*] ALL data editable in sections (HDR2, TXTR, OBJ2, SPCL, DOCK, FUEL, PATH, GPNT/MPNT, TGUN/TMIS, GLOW) Dev: Bobboau
[*] autopath Dev: Bobboau
[*] universal copy+paste Dev: Bobboau
[*] POF Smoothing Data->faceted/autofacet/smooth reverse engineer Dev: Kazan
[*] .cob save (requires editors to be done first) Dev: Kazan
[*] new POF Chunk SLDC for Shield Collision Trees Dev: Kazan (ref:, )
[*] Glow/shine/env mapping Dev: Bobboau
[*] Moment of Inertia calculator (math involved)Dev: Bobboau

2.0 Notes/Caveats: adding new file formats is orders of magnitude less difficult in PCS2.0 - this is because of the new internal model format "PCS Model Format" - BSP compilation (the hard part of generating a .pof) is ONLY done when generating a .pof (whenever you save to new POF or one which's geometry has been altered - opening a POF caches the BSP).  

PCS 2.1 Roadmap
[*] Geometry Import (IE add additional geometry to existing file)Dev: Kazan
[*] Collada XML Format support (Max, Maya, Lightwave, Blender, etc) Dev: Spicious
[*] AutoTurret upgrade to new Keldor's new side-facing compatible turret code Dev: Kazan
[*] New and Improved UI Dev: The_E
[*] Refactoring all pointers not passed to wxWidgets to use boost (std::tr1/C++11 std:: ) smart pointers to eliminate memory leaks.Dev: Kazan
[*] PMF metadata export to text Dev: Kazan
[*] .ASE File Format support (Maya, 3DS Max and others support this format) Dev: Kazan Format Found to be Unrelaible
[*] .OBJ file format support Dev: Bobboau
[*] geometry/UV editing capabilities + Geometry error detection
[*] BSP Geometry Error checker (will do a precompile and check for any polygons that will be dropped due to errors - dropped polygons will be shaded red, others green)
[*] Render with VBOs Dev: Bobboau
[*] PMF upgrade to indexed vertex array. (more time spent in COB/ASE/OBJ -> PMF, less time PMF->POF) -- Strike, maybe? Could make geometry editing more difficult
[*] .eff support (MAYBE)
[*] Normal Mapping support (MAYBE)
[*] Model rescaling

PCS 2.2 Roadmap
[*] Add (FS2) table data to PMF
[*] ship tbm export for .pof


Tentatively Accepted Features (not yet roadmapped)
[*] Empty

Pending Features (not yet accepted or rejected)
[*] Empty

Tentatively Rejected Features
[*] Empty

Permanantly rejected features
[*] .3ds Support (format replaced by more useful one)
[*] .ASE File Format support (Maya, 3DS Max and others support this format) Dev: Kazan Format Found to be Unrelaible
[*] .OBJ file format support Dev: Bobboau

Please start threads for feature requests.  I will update this thread


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