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PCS2 Freezing on exporting detail0 to pof

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See title.
The bar just goes to exporting detail0, and stops.
For an hour. Before I decided to stop it.

Might be an issue with the mesh, but it can't be because its hitting a poly/vertex limit or anything because I've exported higher poly models... :/

It exports to DAE and PMF fine, but it just refuses to write the POF.

Happens on 2.0.3 stable, 2.1 Alpha, and 2.1 Alpha with insignia editor.

Attached is the file in both DAE and PMF.

Am I just...doing something wrong (but I've exported like fifty models the same way no problem), or is this a bug?

[attachment deleted by admin]

You've got 4 identical polygons with
centroid at x = -55.8005333, y = -30.1753311, z = -201.328995
x = -55.764801, y = -34.9662018, z = -201.328995
x = -55.2229004, y = -28.4267998, z = -201.328995
x = -56.4138985, y = -27.1329994, z = -201.328995
norm is in the positive z direction.

So uh...
Mesh error?

I don't quite understand :P

Yes, mesh error. There are four copies of the same polygon at the same place; that's bad.

Thanks, go it working now...
I ran it through optimize with 0.1 threshold and it got rid of three faces, which I presume were the duplicate ones :P


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