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Arky Mosuke:
Much more gracious of a recount that I deserved but a read nonetheless. Thank you so much. As with any big project that comes down to a clash of stressful factors, limitations, and personal struggle, I'm just glad to see you're still open to even talk on the subject.

I apologize if I stirred any feelings or memories that were best left in the past, I honestly just wanted to put my foot forward as a hosting node for yall if interested. But as with offering anything free, you should always put in a little bit of filtering to avoid random cling on that don't have any real intention to use it as such and the like. You know how it is. As for getting files back online. I'm sub par the upload department for massive files outgoing, but incoming I'm extremely quick. Downside of coaxial. While my upload is still pretty great for anything server wise, even with a big chunk of players, a 55GB database would probably take me about 3 hours, give or take to send it out, but only 20 or so minutes to receive it.

Anywho. I really appreciate that someone even got back to me, the response was much more open than I last remember from the community, but then again I was a child back then. xD The annoying kind.

I'll grab the Discord and hop in for old time sake, and just in case you all might decide you need some hosting space or what not. It would be a full VM at your disposal. Otherwise thank you for the history buff, as well as the video and details on what yall got. It means more than you know. And I know it might be odd, but I may just throw up an Arena server and leave it up, in case people want it. :D

Mongoose: could practically sell the movie rights to the history of this project. Sorry to hear about just how much adversity you guys have had to face. :(

JGZinv, regarding the state of multiplayer in FSO, I'm not sure how closely you follow goings-on in the community, but there's been more concrete talk about multi over the last few months than I can remember in the previous decade. For so long it was only "Yeah multi sucks, don't bother," but now the conversation is far more along the lines of "Yeah, multi sucks, and here are the reasons why it sucks, and we think we theoretically know how we could make it not suck." Cyborg just made an FAQ thread outlining the current state of multi and what could be done in the future. In addition, Taylor has resurrected PXO for his retail FS2 builds, and he'll be implementing it in FSO too. There are no concrete fixes yet, but there's definitely some solid progress.

@ Mongoose - Believe it or not I do keep watch over the boards so I'm aware of the thread. Its just a matter of see where it goes. At this point we'd rather get something out there that is usable.


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