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I beat the campaign for the 5th time, but several ships, namely the Hyperion class cruiser Pallas, did not show up in the final mission despite me protecting them.  I distincly remember on my first playthrough that the Pallas showed up.   Also, despite 5 playthroughs, alternating branches each time, I only have about half the medals.  Are half of them only available in part 2 whenever that comes out, or am I missing something

The other half of the medals will be awarded in Part 2.  All of the medals in the medal case will be awarded, at some point, over both halves of the campaign.

The Pallas is indeed supposed to show up in the final mission.  Can you upload your checkpoints?  They should be in %APPDATA%\HardLightProductions\FreeSpaceOpen\scroll\data\scripts.

Can't figure how to get to them. At least I beat the mission, though it was hard

Just paste that path into Windows Explorer.  Or at least paste this part, as the Scroll folder may have a different version: %APPDATA%\HardLightProductions\FreeSpaceOpen\

Here is the stuff in the scripts file

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