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Squadwar will return one day. Get your suggestions in now.

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ok i have very little idea on the basic rules concerning the ships allowed in squadwars , and are you allowed to hack the tables for this .... or would it be a case of choose your ship from theses ..... as proposed from the game

its just an idea as each squad is built up (lets imagine its for real) each team his going to have engineers mechanics trying to tweak the most out of there machine , adding bits and pieces(lets say thats this is limited to weapons and systems that would be compatable in size and power requirements and species relevent) and each team would have to post the tables for there ships so they can be judged as legal ( no modifications to the basic initial hit points of the ship)

so if you managed tomod your ship to have a rear facing gun (AI) this would draw from the ships power  and would limit your forward fire as such , after that it would be down to a group of mods and admins to set the rules for what was legal within the said rules .....

anyway its just an idea , away to advance the developement of the game play and to create a more realistic scense of what would be a little like a competition feel in the scense of motor racing (nascar or such) ( i use nascar as a very loose example  different makes of vehicle all restricted by weight and silohette competing in the same competition )

this is something ive been waiting for...........



--- Quote from: JGZinv on January 09, 2009, 02:49:05 am ---Are we talking strictly SquadWar here, or can we make suggestions for the benefit of mod

--- End quote ---
Strictly SquadWar discussion in this thread.  You can make other multi related requests in this thread though.


--- Quote from: taylor on January 08, 2009, 11:50:05 pm ---From the code it looks like:
2 teams
1 player minimum on each team
4 players max on each team

Changing any of that would only affect retail SW compatibility, but since I have no intention of keeping the rewrite compatible I don't why that should be an issue. ;)

--- End quote ---

Yea that is what the code limit was but the website and rules required at least 2 members to play a match.  1v1 were supposedly forbidden.  There was no way to prevent it and it was used a lot to get the match to save when validation failed.  Basically a dummy match 2 member enter one shoots the other jump type thing.  Hopefully we won't experience any of that type of problem though.  It was also abused for the "node swapping" I mentioned. 

So 2v2 minimum for a match.  No max except code limits (4v4).  If the code is updated then there is no reason that 8v8 or more shouldn't  be allowed unless lag starts to be a major issue. 
2 members minimum for a team due to the above.  No max number of members on a team. 
A person can only be on X number of teams and is not allowed to participate if 2 teams he is on play each other.  X should be a small number. 

That reminds me of another issue that was never clearly spelled out.  2v2 2v3 4v2 etc.  If a team only has 2 members should 4 players be allowed to play against them in a 4v2 or should it always be equal player vs player numbers. 

I'm not in a squad yet...Any suggestions?

Blue Lion:
And ending. Quite often TCX or DW or another squad/alliance would lock up a vast majority of nodes and that was it. Smaller squads could only fight over the precious few entry nodes and the stronger squads spent their time either making dummy or secondary squads.

I think once a map reaches a point where either a squad or alliance reaches a certain number of nodes or the number of matches vs nodes reaches a low number (meaning inactivity for whatever reason) the map should be closed and reset.

And I honestly don't think there are all that many people left from SW. 2 dozen maybe?


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