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UPDATE: Release!

Okay here it is, what everyone has been waiting for what felt like forever... I feel that way here as well. The final adjustments have been made mere hours ago and here it is: 59mb (FSMods Mirror) (Mediafire Mirror)

The zip file contains models of POF, DAE, and Max 2009 formats so it should be usable in almost any modeling program. The cockpit model however is not replaced and the textures it uses are default Tercocc and glass. So the inner cockpit view is kinda... meh. The PSD is 2048x2048 sadly. If demand is high enough I will upload the original gargantuan 4096x4096  :D..... which is 222mb....  :p.

I know I keep saying it in the readme and at least 'tried' to on FSMods, I would like for those who will use this (or any edit thereof) to inform me of their intentions and credit me as appropriate. Artists like to have their credits done  ;).

Alright folks, go nuts.

*Some Tips*

Inside the PSD the layers have been arranged and grouped into folders. I have included several layers that can be used to produce a heightmap so if you wish to change the heightmap but don't want to go through the pain of remaking one, there is one in there. Just make SURE to uncheck the overall maps, occlusion maps, base color and only have the heightmap layer, line layer, and the base flats layer enabled. This is so that you get neat normal maps and not messy ones. The glow map can also be generated from the PSD, just make sure you be smart about it  ;).


Old Post

--- Quote ---After MONTHS of excessive work (as well as long periods of not working...) I have finally 75% finished my fighter texture. The only thing I need are those misc details like warning labels and stuff as well as a glow map. But that can wait for later, as the vast majority of work is finally finished with great help from CrazyBump for making what would be a horrifying process into a one click gig.

One of the biggest reason this texture took weeks, maybe months of personal time was the sad sad lack of premade concept art to have an idea of where the plating and details go, but one reason is the tedious, handmade nature of the texture. 98% of the texture is hand done, hand marqueed, hand selected, hand painted. Nothing was pasted from other sources, maybe copied but always drawn by hand. Some small work still needs doing but overall the hardest of work is over.

13,000 Polygons (including cockpit, not included in screens)
A single 2048x2048 texture map with spec and normal map. Glow map not done yet.
No LODs yet.
Spec Map is still a bit simple, I need to add some color to prevent the blue from shining completely white.

--- End quote ---

I can has?  :p

* Droid803 drools.

Thanks for following my hint, Vengence. It's even better than the original Blizzard: details are quite impressive there! Please get it done, I told you many times I need it so badly... :)

 :eek2: Awesome.  Really ******* awesome. But...

--- Quote ---13,000 Polygons

--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---No LODs yet.

--- End quote ---

That could be a bit of a problem.  :shaking:  Truly an awesome ship, though.


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