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The Steve-O model pack

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The E:
Well, as you know, several of Steve-O's models were used in WiH. While they are pretty, they are also resource hogs, nomming FPS on even moderately powerful systems. Now, we tried to get them optimized, but unfortunately, that process was going on too slow for my taste. So I decided to try it myself, and here are the results.

The following notes apply:
1. I am not a modeller, I only press buttons to make stuff happen. As a result, a few of these models suffer from rendering glitches (Only noticeable in the Tech room or on loadout screens), which I can't correct. Also, the Auto-UVing I did sometimes ****ed up a bit, see the Hellraiser for an example.
2. No tbl entries are included. You have to provide those yourself
3. The Thor's normal map isn't finished yet.
4. Thor's maps are still in tga
5. A few of the texture names refer to the BP names for these ships.

But anyway, here's the download. Enjoy.

*** MatthTheGeek aggressively jumps on the link ***

This is one overlooked commodity that shouldn't have been overlooked.

Would be awsmz if somebody could do a WiH patch using these.

General Battuta:
It's in the cards, but these aren't quite where we want them to be yet.


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