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Slippster Starpilot:
Progress report please? Homeworld has been Remastered, ( wow)  and yet we still have no Fringespace.  :banghead: :lol:

I still have my entire catalog of Everything ever created for Tachyon, mods, patches, ship sets, maps, its all still here
( I even downloaded your new video how to config Tachyon, I admit, I havent played the game in years tho...)
I still have the video where NB played SM and won Base Wars in 16 minutes flat, setting a world record for the fastest win. (maybe i should post that on youtube?)

ahh well, memories.....I touch base here from time to time and check to see whats up?

well?  whats up?

edit: oh ya! and I have 3 computers now ( Tachyon is NOT installed on any of them, although I do have folders where I can launch Tachyon from storage drives)
 my original  tower running XP
lappy running 7
and my new addition hand-me-down, an Inspiron 530 running Nvidia GTS-450 (mega upgrade in my universe ) running 8.1
so there ya go.
still have my logitech wireless joysticks as well

Well my file set is at least as large, minus perhaps some of your maps, but most anything that had a public release I got.

Yes, things are super slow. I'm wearing many hats and making all of about $80 a month thanks to my contracting job being useless.
My old man has Parkinsons, and at times is near vegetable status. I also run multiple other projects. One example being I just came back from
a city 3 hrs away for a conference, spent 3 days out there picking up information.

Z64 is/has been working on a converter, of which it wasn't until recently that we got large models like base pieces and caps to export properly.
While we had a nearly complete set of old low poly ships, they were all based on the first generation converter, and as such, while they work in game, there's a few things
that were buggy back then, like flipped textures, and some geometry placement that was off. To the untrained eye, you wouldn't spot it, but the issue is if we should restart for
the umpteenth time, and get a "proper" model set. It's also worth noting that Tachyon has right at 1000 model files. About 2/3rds of that is multi-part objects which use a mount
point system for attaching in game. As such it means on our end, we have to notate all the positions, figure out logically what should fit where, and recombine all the parts, and copies
of parts (sometimes dozens up to 150 pieces), and arrange them again in Max or whatever, then do all the baking, fixing, rigging, etc.  z64 also has been donating time to the wxWidgets
project and other problems around HLP.

DahBlount has been working with PBR builds, we've been recently talking about what that entails and if we can work the map generation into our workflow, even though most models are
super low poly.

Besides this, we don't have anyone working on a regular basis on the project. We're not a 22 person team like we were at our peak. On average it's been 3 people.
Even once we get the model slog from hell finally finished. We're going to need a FRED'er, or more accurately, a SEXP wizard, to get things built. I've never been able to step away
long enough to learn FRED's SEXPs. We've copied some other maps and made test maps, that's about the extent of it.

Overall world, timeline, fitting with the lore, core characters, several missions, we've talked about that for years, and it's sitting in a dusty closet. The problem is as it has always been,
getting the world built, cofigured, and in game.

Technically our 10 year anniverssary is the 26th of next month. I had hoped around the start of the year to push to get a demo out by then. It just hasn't worked out that way.
We're still here, still trying whenever we can though. Novalogic messing with the servers didn't help anything either.

General Battuta:
Is there a way I can play Tachyon on Windows 10? I'd love to go back through the SP.

God, I loved the ship designs in that game.

It works fine on 10 as it did on anything else.

Some caveats though -

1. The DirectPlay (or one of the DirextX plugins) is no longer in Win 10 by default, so you sometimes have to check for background popups during install, or install it twice
to get it to appear and add the missing component.

2. Some people have had problems with old controllers not being recognized in Win 10. Tach looks at whatever Windows sees verbatim, if you want more customization then
you probably need a 3rd party customization tool.

3. If you get weird ass graphical problems, then look at our site and use one of the Visual Enhancements mod pack modes to emulate Glide.

General Battuta:
I just play mouse/keyboard. Where can you get the game?


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