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send-message-list: build-in delay?


I have created several in-mission chatters with send-message-list and timed those messages with the delay parameter. I had the impression that I got it mostly working the way I wanted.
But upon reviewing the description for send-message-list and send-message-chain I realized that the parameter is interpreted in milliseconds! All my fine-tuned 4 and 13 and 8 "second" delays are completely irrelevant since there is oviously no noticable difference between those in milliseconds.

But the messages are still send with a delay and even one that correlates with the messages text length.

Is there a build-in (and undocumented...) delay for the messages in a list?

Messages will be delayed for the length of the audio file or text-to-speech narration, even if the SEXP delay is shorter.


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