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Cetanu's Advanced Fred2 Lessons - part 1 (with images)

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Thanks - always worth the time to see what another modder uses in situations.  Can't speak for anyone else, but anything in thhe line of ifo or how tos is definitely read with interest.

Impressive! You should join a project (if you're not already on one, that is) :nod:. Good FREDders are always in demand.

Wow didn't see this till now. Weird.

Good stuff, I'm not all that great with FRED, have no idea why, but :yes: I never really thought of locking beams after destruction to prevent those 'impossible beams'

This stuff is really helpful, but yeah, as pyro said, FREDers are in high demand.

Indeed, this is funky. The arcane art of Fredding is quite beyond me... I'll leave that to the experts like yourself, Cetanu. ;)

finally some attention
ok... I will search a bit and dig up something for another lesson ;)


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