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Er? They're not supposed to be dead as soon as the player gets there...

You can set the hull percentage to whatever you want so that you simulate the craft being damaged when the player arrives in the mission.

Simply got to Ships Editor for Libra 4 (or whatever ship) > Initial Status and then alter the Hull and shield integrity values however you see fit.

Fecking Double posts.

Libra 1 and 2 are already damaged that way. I set the SEXP to kill them incase the friendly AI didn't get to them before the player got too close.

Aha. I see what you're up to now.

Is there any reason why you want them to die so quickly? If not just reduce their initial shields a lot more and the AI should take care of them in a much less artificial way.

Making sure a nearby friendly is pointed at them will also help :)


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