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Well, I have a prelim version done, but I cant test it since FS2 gives me a stupid error saying my virtual memory has run out, even though it hasn't!

anyway, here it is:

edit: this is the exact error:

Error: Out of memory.  Try closing down other applications, increasing your
virtual memory size, or installing more physical RAM.

Line: 1492

Call stack:
    KERNEL32.dll 7c581af6()

Try reinstalling fs2 if problem persists and its the kernel32.dll you will have to reinstall windows.

Works okay in FRED. I'l try it in FS2 in a bit.

I tried it in FREd and it looks okay. I load the mission and FS just hangs, but it does that with my own mission too. What builds are you using Singh ?

I tried with both the latest 22-08 Taylor build and the 02-08 build. Both have the same problems.


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