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I'm using my image uoloader for this and I'm not sure if the site admins will allow it for too long :nervous:

lemme know what you guys think

Spoiler:First, the Demon doesn't appear in mission. I put it in to maintain the scene set in Singh's preceeding mission, plus I needed to fill out the briefing. The Aqutane jumps on top of the Fleet to give that "hurried confusion" aspect I think the Retail Nebula Evacuation missions never really portrayed. I cheated and used set-ship-position to get it out of the way once the cruiser went down but I think I got away with it (nebula and all). Defending 3 large warships in the Nebula seemed a bit poo to me so most of the action centers on the Orion (the friendly Corvettes had to survive anyway so they and the Molochs are really just eyecandy for the purposes of this mission)

Finally, I was gonna use variables for the Sathanas arrival but ran out of time so I just used events checks instead. Oh, do I get to name the Sath seen as it appears in my mission first ? :D

I'll give it a whirl today evening :)

ok, some feedback:

1. Grammer and spellling. It can be easily fixed, and if you wish, I can go through the final version and do it for ya :)

2. After the Moloch and the bomber wings are destroyed; there isn't anything to do, and a huge gap of time between the destruction of the last bombers and the arrival of the Sathanas is not good. Maybe put some chatter between all three caps here or reduce the time to the node. Or perhaps make it a tough battle all the way - and just before they jump insert messages of laughter and happiness that they are going to jump out - their going to beat the Shivans! Then cue Sathanas and wtf messages.

3. The bombers aren't very effective. I havent checked in FRED yet, but I dont think these actually have any cyclops on 'em or orders to attack the capital ships. Fighters arrive too far away to actually defend them properly; and they are too few waves of bombers. Try to create more waves; this will solve problem 2, as the battle can be extended all the way if the player had to fight them off longer.

4. speaking of caps, the Julius is WAY too close to the Ionas. Try putting around anywhere from 200 to 500 metres minimum between caps.

5. Although the Corvettes are supposed to survive, you can make them threathened. In my mission I had the trio of corvettes that showed up later (the Flaga, the Ishtar and that other one) show up ahead of time if one of the Corvettes went down, making their survival a priority as well.

6. I barely noticed the cheating with the Aquitaine; except that it was scary when I saw something huge big and ugly jump in front of me (yet totally blocked out by the nebula) and then suddenly disappear to be behind me. Nice effect there :)

7. More pilot chatter when the Aquitaine comes in and jumps out. Maybe use a lull between the initial bomber attack and the corvettes arrival? Upto you though.

1. It was late and I was knackered.

2. The Sath cue was supposed to be like max 10 seconds after the last bomber and fighters went down. Initially, it was checked by distance from the node but I was so busy fighting Maras I missed it. Must have put 100 instead of 10 in the time delay or something, there wasn't supposed to be a meaning ful gap to when the Sath arrived (see above)

3. I noticed that too. Bombers are fully armed but I may rethink their "disarm Ionas" orders. Fighters should be appearing next to the bombers. I'll haved to check that.

4. check

5. Not sure about that. Seems a little suspect to me.:rolleyes:

6. Maybe "not-facing- Alpha1/Aqutaine" is inorder there.

7. Nah, can't be arsed with that. Too much chatter IMO.

thanks for the info:yes:


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