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looks like mission 15 campaign 3 is the only one left. i'll take it for a spin.

What kind of ship is the acumen? i haven't found any references to this. guess i'm not reading it hard enough.

It's either an Orion or a Hecate, assuming that GTID is a typo of GTD. It's really hard to tell since most of the FREDders that FREDded for FRED Academy no longer have their missions up.

I'm also interested in creating one of these missions. I've done both the tutorial from the FRED 2 Documentation and designed a mission of my own, albeit with abysmal voice acting, in the past. However, it doesn't seem that there are any open missions to do, except perhaps from the Babylon project which I don't have. Any idea if there will be any new missions soon or if there is something else I should do?

I would be interested I messed around with fred2 with fs2 originally came out. Nothing really serious though typically a pearl harbor like attack on a bunch of colossi being torn to pieces by a bunch of shivans.  So I would like some basic tips about getting started again. Also where can I find a version of fred?

hey just a heads up necroing a thread (posting in a thread no one has posted in 30 days) is general frowned upon.

to answer your question, fred comes with the scp release builds. you can get the latest one here

there are several tutorials about getting started in fred all over the place. here is one, there should be more on the wiki, fred discussion, and modding boards.


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