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Pretty much what the title indicates. :) I'm fairly new to Hard Light, which got me to your mod site. I haven't had a chance to really work on any big projects, but I'm familiar with FRED2 and have modded before on Morrowind, so I'm at least familiar with mod syntax. Any spots you guys could use some additional help in?

At this point if we resume work on the models we're going to delay this mod yet another twelve months*. :) What we could most use currently are FREDders.  Do you have any missions to audition with? ;)

*I recruited our most recent modeller last August, and that unfortunately put TVWP in a holding pattern since then.  I think it'd be better if we followed Inferno's release strategy: release a completed campaign, then go back to redo the models later if we decide it's necessary.

afraid not. Haven't had a good enough idea to justify putting one together.

Considering what you've said, I'm putting together a convoy escort mission, so I figured I'd better get some specifics on the audition requirements :cool: How long do you need them to be? The one I'm doing is about 4-5 minutes, and uses 3 convoy ships, two wings of GTVA fighters, and 3 wings of Shivans. That enough to cover what you're looking for?

"anything decent", as defined by the TVWP, I should imagine ;)


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