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Thank you Goober! I'm FREDer and i'm very interested for new campings.

BTW. I'm so sory for my English. I'm from Poland and I'm making mistakes in posts here ;)

Your English is fine. :)

Are you volunteering to FRED?  If so, we'd love to have you - it would take a lot of the work away from us. :) Do you have any sample missions you could show us?

I want to work with you! :)
How to contact with You? I will make one sample.
Here are sreenies from my capming:

Sample must be for FreeSpace 2, or FreeSpace 1?

My test missions download is on THIS LINK. Have Fun! ;)

Looks good. :) I'll play it in a few hours when I get home.

Just a note... most missions for TVWP will require more than 2 hours. ;) Have you made any longer missions before? 


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